ZORB-IT Pro Premium Drying Cloth

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The Zorb-It Pro Works Faster & Easier than ANY Other Drying Cloth or Chamois on the Market. Guaranteed!

The Zorb-It Pro dries your vehicle faster, easier and with twice the absorbency as traditional hide chamois.

The Zorb-It Pro is soft, super strong, dries lint-free and won't tear. Exclusive double embossing means no "grabbing."

The Zorb-It Pro is antibacterial and resistant to grease, oil and most chemicals. It’s machine washable and comes in its own plastic storage tube to keep it clean and ready to use.

The Zorb-It Pro can also be used to quickly dry your hair and even works great for drying off your pet. Also works great for soaking up spills.

Jumbo Professional Size - 24 in. x 30 in. (5 sq. ft.) makes it the choice of professional auto detailers and car enthusiasts worldwide


  • Dries your vehicle faster and easier
  • Exclusive double embossing means no "grabbing"
  • Hundreds of drying uses
  • Lint-free and chemical resistant
  • Machine washable