The Grip-It Power Brush

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Clean your wheels faster and better with the Grip-It Power Brush!

Works with any cordless drill or inline cordless screwdriver with a spin-rate of 150 to 450 RPM's. Features over 20,000 super-soft dirt-gripping bristles which make it safe to use on all surfaces including aluminum, billet and chrome. Also safe to use on head lights, tail lights, grills, bumpers and mirrors!

The Grip-It Power Brush also features a unique lug nut power cleaning tip designed to effectively get in and around lug nuts and hard to clean areas such as in between and behind the spokes.

Installation is quick & easy. Simply slide the Power Brush shaft into your drill, tighten the chuck and it's ready to use. When finished, just spin it dry.

When finished using your Grip-It Power Brush, it's ideal to store it in its original plastic casing. This will keep your Grip-It from being crushed and helps it to hold its shape.
NOTE! Not for use with Corded Electric Power Tools.
Cordless Power Tools Shown Above Not Included.
  • Over 20,000 Super-Soft Dirt-Gripping Bristles
  • Cleans every surface, nook and cranny of today's OE or Aftermarket Wheels
  • Super Fast Dirt-Gripping Action; Clean a set of wheels in just minutes!
  • Works With Any Cordless Drill or Inline Screwdriver (150 to 450 RPM's)
  • Sturdy Clamshell Packaging will protect your Power Brush when not in use