The Amazing New ChamEasy

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Dry Your Car Lightning Fast Without Leaving Unsightly Spots or Streaks With The Amazing New ChamEasy

The ChamEasy could be considered "The World's Fastest Chammy". This amazing new product quickly dries your car after rain, dew or washing and leaves NO SPOTS and NO STREAKS on your car's finish! For people who swear by their chamois cloths, terrycloth towels or water blades, this amazing flexible squeegee could replace every one of these devices and do the job much better!

Combining the best features of both a squeegee and a chammy, the ChamEasy pushes water away in a single stroke leaving a beautiful shiny finish with no lint or swirls. NO WRINGING OUT! IT DOES NOT ABSORB!

The closed cell foam material is totally flexible allowing the Cham Easy to conform to any contour, get into grooves, hug the curves and bend over rises. Soft all over, there are no sharp or hard parts to scratch or dent your vehicle. Wonderful for even the most delicate paint jobs.

AND for the home, use it on windows, mirrors, shower walls and doors and counter tops too. It even removes pet hair and lint from clothing and upholstery!

The ChamEasy is a one-of-a-kind, time saving, must-have automobile detailing tool that no car enthusiast should be without!