Sheen Genie Metal Polish & Sealer-Repellent

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With over 30 space age ingredients, Sheen Genie is a premium high-gloss all-metal Cleaner and Polish specifically formulated to clean and shine ALL metal surfaces unlike any other metal polish on the market today. One application of Sheen Genie Polish and one application of Sheen Genie Sealer will make your...


With over 30 space age ingredients, Sheen Genie is a premium high-gloss all-metal Cleaner and Polish specifically formulated to clean and shine ALL metal surfaces unlike any other metal polish on the market today.

One application of Sheen Genie Polish and one application of Sheen Genie Sealer will make your metal look like new and keep it looking new for up to six months.

The origins of the Sheen Genie formula actually began in 1907 and was used to help smooth all manufactured Fords when the great Henry Ford was alive and active. Since the time of the creation of the original formula, it has been refined and improved time and time again.

Over a hundred years of development have gone into the making of this incredible product and what we arrive at today is an easy-to-use non-abrasive formula that solely belongs to Sheen Genie. Never again will you have to rub and buff using metal polishes that contain abrasives that scratch, bruise and damage metals. Twenty first century technology offers us an easy-to-use application that literally works on contact and is able to dissolve oxidation while never damaging the metal while providing a glass-like smooth finish that ultimately gives the metal a smoother surface, increasing gloss to an unprecedented level of shine.

How It Works

The real enemy of metal is a process called oxidation. Until now, the only way to remove oxidation was to use products with abrasive materials to literally scratch the visible dullness from the surface.

Advancements in modern chemistry now allow us to create a non-abrasive formula that removes oxidation by chemical reaction. Stop using elbow grease and join the twenty-first century of metal care.

Removes and Protects Against

  • Brake Dust
  • Water Spots
  • Bluing and Discoloration
  • Mag Chloride
  • Road & Sea Salt
  • Tarnishing
  • Oxidation
  • Stains
  • Light Rust and Pitting
  • Hairline Scratches

Works Great On

  • Aluminum
  • Chrome
  • Stainless Steel
  • Magnesium & Billet
  • Silver
  • Diamond Plate
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Gold

Additional Benefits

  • Heat Resistant - Sheen Genie has been tested to work up to 600 degrees and can be used on ALL engine and exhaust parts.
  • No Buffer Required - That's the point! Modern chemistry allows you to create maximum shine with a minimum of effort. Do you want to spend the day polishing or driving? Professional auto detailers have thrown out their buffers. We encourage you to do the same.
  • No Residue - Sheen Genie contains no petroleum solvents and will not leave any greasy residue behind.
  • Money Back Guarantee -Sheen Genie offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Premier Polish for the Top Auto Shows


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How much will you be able to polish with one bottle?

Answer: The metal polish has a creamy smooth viscosity, unlike water thin polishes or thick paste polishes. We have discovered the importance of product density as it relates to removing oxidation and rust. If the product is too thick, it simply can't penetrate deeply into the problem area. If it's too thin, it can't generate the heat necessary to reach the underlying smooth surface. Our viscosity makes it possible to spread far and stay wet long enough to heat the surface making it easier to remove the build up. One bottle of our metal polish is enough to polish 10 hot rods, where metal is the premium surface throughout the car, 15 motorcycles or 3 semi-trucks.

Question: Can you use a buffer?

Answer: The polish is completely buffer compatible. We recommend using a buffer on porous metals or where oxidation or surface build-up is extreme. Older metal parts with heavier build up can be removed simply by applying the polish with a terry towel; however, a buffer can allow the polish to be spread at faster speeds ultimately yielding faster results. On smaller surfaces such as wheels, valve covers or exhaust, a buffing wheel will not save any time.

Question: Will it take surface rust off of your wheels?

Answer: Surface rust is very similar to oxidation in that it is present on top of the metal. How our formula works is by going into the pores and then breaking down the connecting layer of build up from the smoothest part of the metal. Instead of other polishes requiring additional effort, our process for removing surface rust is simply by using more polish. Surface rust absorbs the moisture from the compound much quicker than oxidation.  

Question: How long does the Gloss last?

Answer: Without applying the sealer/protector to the polished metal, it really is dependent on the metal itself. Highly polished aluminum without sealer can last up to a month before signs of hazing, softer metals typically turn much faster. However, once our sealer is applied properly, we guarantee the gloss/results to last up to 6 months.

Question: What is the main difference in this product than others?

Answer: Our high-gloss all metal cleaner and polish is different for many reasons. We use no abrasives, no petroleum solvents and it is not simply just a metal polish. It cleans and polishes all in one step. We have over 30 ingredients each injected into the formula for common problems today’s metal faces. Most polishes have a 40/60 % ratio; 40% abrasives and 60% petroleum. Abrasives scratch and the oil base creates an excessive amount of surface residue that will prematurely haze the finish much before oxidation will be able to take place.

Question: How does it hold up against heat?

Answer: We have tested the polish and sealer up to 600 degrees [Fahrenheit] and it held its strength and durability. We have never seen it broken down by heat or become hazardous or flammable.

Question: How does it work on jewelry?

Answer: When you are thinking about using Sheen Genie on your jewelry, you are making a smart decision because it is non-abrasive so it never scratches and it is water based so you're not left with a black residue.