PPS Cleaner w/ Towel and Applicator

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Our PPS Cleaner is great for bringing back the high-gloss shine to your 5 Star Shine finish. We recommend using it once a year to help remove any detergents or road film build-up not removed in normal washings. It also works great as a spot remover for removing stubborn stains such as bird droppings, tree sap, swirl marks, light scratches and hard water spots. Includes applicator and terry cloth towel.


  • Brings back the high gloss 5 Star Shine finish from detergent and road film buildup not removed in regular washings 
  • Can also be used for spot removal of tree sap, bird droppings, insects and hard water spots
  • Removes minor swirl marks and light scratches

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PPS Cleaner safe to use with 5 Star Shine?
Yes, PPS Cleaner has been designed to work with the 5 Star Shine Paint Protection System. It will not remove or compromise the 5 Star Shine finish.

How often should I use the PPS Cleaner?
We recommend using the PPS Cleaner at least once a year to remove residue and road film from your vehicle’s surface. However, it can be used as often as you’d like, as it will not harm the 5 Star Shine finish.

How many cars will one bottle of PPS Cleaner cover?
One 4 oz. bottle of PPS Cleaner will cover approximately two cars or 500 square feet of surface.

Is the PPS Cleaner a car wash soap?
No, the PPS Cleaner is not a soap. It is a wipe on, wipe off type of application. You do not mix it with water.

What is shelf life of PPS Cleaner?
Once opened the shelf life is 6-9 months. If it has not been opened, the shelf life is one year.

Does this replace the Neutral pH Car wash soap?
No, this is a product you would use to assist in maintaining your 5 Star Shine finish but is not needed every time you wish to wash your vehicle. This product is not a soap. Even though 5 Star Shine will last for 5 years on a new vehicle and 3 years for used, over time, the shine may diminish because of road film & residue.

Does PPS Cleaner remove minor swirl marks and scratches?
Yes, PPS Cleaner will remove minor swirl marks and light scratches from your vehicle’s finish after 5 Star Shine has been applied.