Pour-N-Restore Concrete Oil Stain Remover

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Remove Oil Stains from Concrete with Ease with Pour-N-Restore!

Pour-N-Restore Oil Stain Remover lifts and absorbs embedded oil stains from concrete as it dries from a liquid to a powder. This is made possible by combining a powerful citrus degreaser with a non-leaching absorbent. To restore concrete and masonry, just apply Pour-N-Restore Oil Stain Remover to the stain, let it dry from a liquid to a powder, and sweep it up. No scrubbing. No rinsing. No mess.

Pour-N-Restore also works great for removing transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, grease and synthetic oils.

Pour-N-Restore Oil Stain Remover is Biodegradable, Phosphate-Free and has a fresh orange citrus based fragrance. Coverage is approximately 3 square feet per 16 oz. bottle. Note! Not for asphalt (blacktop).

Included With Your Purchase

V-Notch Spreader

For best results with Pour-N-Restore® Oil Stain Remover, use the ¼" V-notch spreader. This will allow you to maximize coverage and accelerate the dry time of Pour-N-Restore Oil Stain Remover. It is ideal for use in climates that experience cooler weather or high humidity. Included with the Pour-N-Restore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Pour-N-Restore discolor concrete or masonry?
We have tested Pour-N-Restore on various materials and we have not experienced any discoloration at all. Furthermore, we have never had even one customer complaint regarding discoloration. However, we always recommend testing a small inconspicuous area first before treating painted, stained, or pigmented surfaces.

Can I use Pour-N-Restore on asphalt (blacktop)?
If Pour-N-Restore is used to remove stains on asphalt it will dissolve the surface layer and expose the aggregate. Therefore, we DO NOT recommend it for stain removal on asphalt. However, Pour-N-Restore can be used to remove stains from asphalt on concrete or masonry surfaces.

Will Pour-N-Restore bleach concrete or masonry?
No. Pour-N-Restore does not bleach. If after using Pour-N-Restore you find that the area appears lighter in color, simply rinse the area with a strong stream of water to flush the white absorbent powder from the surface.

Why is Pour-N-Restore taking so long to dry?
At temperatures above 60°F (16°C), dry time will be approximately 5-8 hours. If you are using Pour-N-Restore in cooler temperatures, expect dry time to be extended considerably. Dry time can also be extended by high levels of humidity and poor ventilation. To accelerate dry time, spread Pour-N-Restore with our v-notch spreader and/or direct a fan at the treated area.

After sweeping, why does the area still appear dark?
After sweeping Pour-N-Restore, there will be moisture trapped in the pores of the concrete or masonry surface. Simply provide adequate ventilation and allow the moisture to evaporate out.

Can I use Pour-N-Restore on sealed surfaces?
While Pour-N-Restore is effective on sealed surfaces, dry time may be extended considerably in some cases. After sweeping Pour-N-Restore, it may take several days, even weeks, for the moisture to evaporate out from beneath some sealers. To increase the evaporation rate, provide maximum ventilation and direct a fan at the treated area.

Will Pour-N-Restore harm grass or plants?
After it dries to a powder, Pour-N-Restore will not harm vegetation. However, in its liquid state, it will be harmful. Therefore, if Pour-N-Restore comes in contact with vegetation, dilute it with large amounts of water.

Does scrubbing improve performance?
We never recommend scrubbing on the first applications since it may actually hinder performance. However, if a stubborn stain requires subsequent applications, scrubbing may enhance performance. Scrubbing is particularly helpful on heavy stains left from materials like tar and wax.

Does Pour-N-Restore work on old stains?
Yes. Pour-N-Restore is effective on old stains too. If the stain has not been cleaned previously with other cleaning products, one application should be sufficient. If subsequent applications are required, scrubbing may enhance performance.

Should I pressure wash the stain?
We recommend scraping buildup off the stain before using Pour-N-Restore, but we do not recommend pressure washing. This may actually inhibit Pour-N-Restore’s performance. After using Pour-N-Restore, pressure washing is not required, but it can help clean absorbent residue from the area. If subsequent applications are required, scrubbing may enhance performance.

How do I remove Pour-N-Restore if it gets embedded in the sealer?
Pour-N-Restore can adversely affect some sealers leaving a white residue, shiny residue, or powder embedded in the sealer. The solution is to strip the sealer with more Pour-N-Restore. Apply it to the affected area; let it soak for 10-15 minutes, and scrub. After 30 minutes, scrub again, and then sponge Pour-N-Restore from the surface, or rinse, to remove the sealer. When the surface is completely dry, you can apply Pour-N-Restore to the embedded oil stain following the directions on the bottle.


Pour-N-Restore has been getting a lot of attention from the media because it is a unique and incredibly effective problem solver. Read below what just a few of the publications are saying about Pour-N-Restore.

  Popular Mechanics

"Pour-N-Restore® removes oil stains from concrete driveways by combining a degreaser and a dry absorbent. Pour it on the stain, let it dry, then sweep it up — no scrubbing is needed."

  Martha Stewart Living

"Especially stubborn grease spots may require a product that breaks up oil and draws it out of concrete. One good product is Pour-N-Restore from Edgewater Industries".


"Pour-N-Restore performed as claimed. The fact that there was no scrubbing involved made it especially easy to use. After it dries, it can just be swept up. It gives off a clean citrus smell, which is a nice feature."

  Cleaner Times

"Using Micro-Extraction Technology™, Pour-N-Restore® captures the stain at the molecular level and pulls it out to be disposed of safely."

  5.0 Mustang

"We know all too well how Mustangs like to leak. Whether it's a rear main seal or valve cover gaskets, we've seen the spots that oil leaks can leave behind. Now, Pour-N-Restore® concrete and masonry stain remover has come to the rescue with its Micro-Extraction Technology™."

  Auto Services Operator

"Pour-N-Restore is the first product of its kind that both dissolves and captures oil. Simply pour it onto the stain, let it dry, and sweep it up. No scrubbing is needed."

  Do-It-Yourself Retailing

"Pour-N-Restore removes unsightly oil and grease stains from concrete driveways, garage floors, and walkways. It is biodegradable and phosphate-free."

  Detroit Free Press

"If you think your garage floor is valuable because of its huge oil deposits, you're going to be disappointed...A new product called Pour-N-Restore can help...it absorbs an oil stain by bonding to the oil molecules and lifting them up from the concrete."

  Chicago Tribune

"It's inevitable. As soon as you pour a new concrete driveway, your car will develop an oil leak. Edgewater Industries has a no-scrub solution: Pour-N-Restore".

  Dallas Morning News

"Now, about that driveway stain: a new liquid product removes oil without scrubbing. Pour-N-Restore pulls new and old stains from oil, grease and automotive fluids to the surface and transforms them into powder, which can then be swept up".

  Orlando Sentinel

"Oil stains are eyesores for an otherwise attractive home or property. If you're having trouble getting an oil stain removed from your driveway or garage floor, you might want to check out Pour-N-Restore".



"Pour-N-Restore® removed oil stains that were about a year and a half old and deeply embedded in the concrete! I'm moving to a new house and you can bet I'll always have Pour-N-Restore® on hand for my new garage! Thanks for such a great product!" M. Malone — Tennessee

Before During After

"I am completely satisfied with the amazing results. My next door neighbor observed me covering a rather distinguished oil stain on my driveway and I let him use some of your product on his stain, and needless to say, he came away with the same satisfaction as I did." Harold Swain — South Carolina

                       Before                               During                                After

"Pour-N-Restore® works great! Both of our oil change bays were coated with years of oil and grease. I tried cleaning the bays with several degreasers, but nothing worked. Finally, I used Pour-N-Restore®. It pulled up all the oil and grease in one application. It is definitely the best concrete degreaser I've ever used." Robert Holman — Michigan

"Pour-n-Restore® does all the work and scrubbing is not needed." Neil Garvin — Texas

"I work in a very high volume new/used car dealership with a 26 year old floor. I was extremely impressed with this product. The floor was clean and bright after one application." Stephen Bagnato — New York

"We had an oil stain on our front porch on which we used all sorts of soap and even high pressure water, but the stain remained. Pour-n-Restore® was highly successful and there is now no trace of the stain." Louis Pauzano Sr. — Pennsylvania

"Being a skeptic I was doubtful that Pour-n-Restore® would do the job. But after trying it on my driveway, I found that it actually did what they said it would, even without brushing." Norman Carnow — Florida

"We have a self-storage business. Customers sometimes have leaks of oil which leave stains. We have used a lot of different products to remove them, but the only thing we have found that works is Pour-n-Restore®. It is easy and no mess." Robert Stephen — Illinois

"I think Pour-n-Restore® is great. My oil stains were so bad I thought they would never come up. However, two applications cleaned up the mess." Russ Everson — California

"Simply amazing stuff. One of the first products I ever used that does what it claims. Actually looking forward to using it again!" James Bebber — New York

"Wow! My faith in humanity is restored! After googling around and finding pages full of 'tips' (suggesting WD40, kitty litter, gasoline, etc.) I came across your site, watched the video, and took a chance. Pour-N-Restore rid me of some nasty oil stains on my brand new white driveway! Worked exactly as advertised! My driveway looks like new again! Whew! " MK Hale