Park Zone - Garage Parking Aid

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Parking In Your Garage Will Never Be The Same

Park-Zone is an innovative, precision-parking aid that helps guide your car, truck or SUV into your garage with safe-precision and pinpoint accuracy. It looks and acts like a space age traffic light. It's easy to use and even easier to install.

Installation is simple: Just hang it on your garage wall; determine your park zone by setting the distance from thewall to your bumper using the ultrasonic sensor and voila! Park-Zone will guide your car into the same sweet spot with safe precision, every time. If you choose not to use the AC Adapter, Park-Zone will operate for a year on 4 AA batteries.

Here's how it works: When you enter your garage, the green light illuminates. Midway, it turns to yellow. And when the light turns red, you stop - You are now in the Park Zone. No ifs, ands or bumps.

It will change the way you park your car from now on.


  • Dual Powered - Runs on AC power or batteries (not included)
  • Ultrasonic sensing mechanism signals you when you're too close to garage wall
  • Tough silver plastic housing
  • Includes 2-piece sensor and AC adaptor
  • 5 Year Warranty