Langka Paint Chip and Scratch Repair Kit

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Save Hundreds Fixing Your Own Paint Chips and Deep Scratches Just Like The Professionals Do At A Fraction Of The Cost

FINALLY! A solution for automotive Paint Chip and Scratch Repair so easy, "A Child Could Do It!"

Thousands of vehicle owners and over 1500 car clubs worldwide are raving about LANGKA... THE BLOB ELIMINATOR®, the hottest new product for paint chip and paint scratch repair.

Why? Because IT WORKS without affecting your vehicles original paint!

Over 20 million vehicles have been repaired by Automotive Paint Chip Repair Professionals worldwide in the past 15 years. The LANGKA™ PROCESS, used by these professionals, is NOW available to YOU for the first time. Our paint chip repair and paint scratch repair process is Simple, Fast and GUARANTEED!

Why Paint Chip Repair and Paint Scratch
Repair are a MUST!
  • Improves the Appearance of your vehicle immediately
  • Increases Resell Value immediately!!! (This is why dealerships use this paint chip repair process themselves)
  • Protects your vehicle from further damage

No matter how careful you are, all painted surfaces succumb to receiving one or many of these unsightly paint chips and paint scratches. For cars, bikes, vans, and trucks, this can be caused by a number of things: kicked up debris on the highway, uncovered gravel trucks, keying and other types of vandalism, etc.

Paint chips and paint scratches aren't just aesthetically unpleasing, the exposed metal underneath may be prone to rusting and/or additional chipping. A paint chip, paint scratch, or rusted area on a vehicle can greatly affect its value when it's time to sell or trade it in. Fixing a paint chip and paint scratch with touch-up paint is a right step in protecting your investment, but the uncontrollable blob of excess paint may make the fix appear equally as unpleasing. The solution is astonishingly simple and effective: The Langka Paint Chip And Scratch Repair Kit w/ The Blob Eliminator.

Here is what auto enthusiast are saying:

"This stuff is worth ten times what I paid for it"

2000 Ferrari Modena
Mike Niday, USA


I purchased your product and am glad to say it works 'As advertised'.
It seems like my black vette is a magnet for those little chips on the hood and nose, but with my touch up paint and your product I now have one less thing to worry about. I showed my buddy where I did the touch ups and he could not even tell. He is going to purchase your product also for his black Ford Expedition. Thanks for making such a great product that Actually works and is easy to use.

E. Anderson


I have used touch-up paint for years and have never been satisfied with the results. When I got the PT Cruiser I had been surfing the web for modifications when I ran across a link to your web site. I was a little skeptical at first, but decided to try Langka any way. The results were amazing. The blobs were gone and you could not see where the chip had been. It is really refreshing to have a product actually perform as advertised. I tell everyone about your product and how well it works.

R. Cook


"...Finally! A simple solution to an age old problem for paint chip repair!" - P. Long (Porsche), Germany

"...Unbelievably easy. A child can do this paint chip repair." - C. Lee (BMW), USA

"...No more sanding / buffing. And Fast!" - G. Williams (Ford), USA

"...until car manufacturers develop a bullet proof paint, everyone should have a bottle of this stuff." - L. Williams (Chrysler), USA

"...This product actually works" - Brad Anesi (Alfa Romeo), USA

"...Incredibly simple!" - I. Dey (Ferrari) Hong Kong

"...A wonderful solution." - G. Kurihava (Toyota), Japan

"...remarkably easy to use, and I can't even see the chips anymore. Thank you very much for this wonderful product!!!" - D. Hsiao, USA