Incredible Microfiber Detailing Glove

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Incredible Microfiber Detailing Glove Makes Dusting, Cleaning and Polishing a Breeze!

The Microfiber Detailing Glove is one of the most useful detailing tools you will ever use. This microfiber glove will make dusting, cleaning and polishing just about any surface on your vehicle (and in your home) a breeze. The Microfiber Detailing Glove has 1000's of tiny fibers that lift and trap dirt and dust like a magnet. They are also great for getting into those nooks and crannies other cleaning tools can't touch.

For the interior of your vehicle, use them for dusting and polishing your dashboard, console, instrument panel, gauges, vinyl and leather seats, CD player, wood grain, air vents and rearview mirror. You can also use them to apply your favorite protectant to vinyl and leather seats, door panels and dashboards.

For the exterior, the non-abrasive surface is especially great for getting into those tight slots on your painted or coated wheels.



  • Cleans without harsh chemicals
  • Fits both left and right hand
  • Washable and reusable
  • Gets into tight nooks and crannies
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • One size fits all

Microfiber Care:

When the glove becomes dirty, simply machine wash with a mild detergent (we recommend washing all microfiber products with Oxi Clean). Always be sure to wash all microfiber products separate from cotton towels or other laundry. Otherwise, lint and fibers will get caught up in the microfiber strands. NEVER use bleach or fabric softeners. Tumble dry or allow to air dry.