Forever BLACK™ Tire Gel & Applicator

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Make Your Dull And Faded Tires Look Brand New Again! Forever BLACK™ Tire Gel is an amazing product that quickly restores your black faded tires to like-new condition!

Forever BLACK™ Tire Gel is a specially formulated gel that outperforms silicone-based tire "dressings" hands down and will last for months, not days.

Unlike most tire dressings on the market, Forever BLACK™ Tire Gel uses a water-based, silicone-free, black dye that dries in minutes and leaves an incredible hi-gloss shine!

Forever BLACK™ Tire Gel does not attract road grime or dust, protects against environmental elements such as the sun's harsh UV rays and is environmentally friendly.

Each kit includes 8 ounces of Forever BLACK™ Tire Gel and a distinctive concave applicator and will provide coverage on approximately 8-12 tires. Also, Forever BLACK™ Tire Gel won't sling-off on wheels or side panels.

Application is quick and easy. Simply apply Forever BLACK™ Tire Gel to the applicator, spread evenly on tire (carefully avoiding white areas) and let dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. When finished, simply clean the applicator with soap & water. That's it!


  • Wipes on quick and easy
  • Also works great on trim, rubber, plastic or vinyl
  • Restores faded black tires to like new condition
  • Protects against environmental elements such as UV rays
  • Does not attract dust and grime like silicone based products
  • Lasts for months, Not days like tire dressings
  • Water-based. 100% Silicone and Oil free
  • Environmentally safe

  • 8oz. bottle of Forever Black Tire Gel
  • Easy to use hand-held applicator
  • Complete Instructions