Forever BLACK™ Bumper & Trim Reconditioner

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Forever BLACK™ Bumper & Trim Reconditioner uses specially formulated dyes instead of silicone to bring back the life to faded black bumpers, trim, tires, bed liners and more!

Forever BLACK™ Bumper & Trim Reconditioner also holds its color much longer than comparable products and will help protect against environmental elements such as the sun's harsh UV rays.

What's more, Forever BLACK™ products do not pick up or attract road grime or dust!

The Bumper & Trim Reconditioner Kit includes a cleaning solution and a reconditioner created to help you clean and restore your black faded plastic, rubber and vinyl. The cleaner is specially formulated to help prep the area to be treated. The Forever BLACK™ Reconditioner comes with a foam applicator top for an easy, no mess application. Each kit provides enough coverage to do an average of 4-6 vehicles.