EZ Toll Transponder Holder

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The EZ Toll Transponder Holder eliminates the unsightly plastic box which holds your toll transponder on your vehicle's windshield. EZ Toll works perfectly with all types of Toll Passes including:




Absolutely perfect! Works as advertised which is awesome. I got tired of watching the velcro slide down my windshield and this takes the transponder hassle away. After a few days, you don't even notice it there. Thanks for this product.

Richard Ramirez

I recently purchased a new car and the last thing I wanted to do was put sticky tape or suction cups on my windshield. There were other products to hold my I-PASS but they still mounted on my windshield. The EZ TOLL was the only product out there that was truly different and works great. I can use it on any car any where. Brilliant idea and design!

Sarah Delarosa