Cyber Clean Auto Detailing Cleaning Compound

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Cyber Clean® is a revolutionary cleaning compound that gets into and cleans the most awkward places in your car's interior where conventional auto detailing cleaning products have physical limits.

Cyber Clean® gets into nooks and cavities because of its perfect combination of viscosity elasticity and its patented Swiss formula. It absorbs dirt and any other residue and provides deep cleaning action inside the cavity where other cleaners can't clean.

Cyber Clean® is very simple to use and highly efficient! Just press into the area to be cleaned and pull. It's that easy! All the dirt will be trapped in the material and all the disgusting things living inside the area cleaned will be pulled off.


  • Ideal for all devices and surfaces
  • Deep Cleaning Action
  • Absorbs dirt and dust in cavities
  • Visible cleaning results
  • 100% Bio-degradable
  • Guaranteed quality through Patented Swiss formula

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash Cyber Clean® or do I have to trash it after one use already?
Cyber Clean® absorbs particles of dirt, etc., and binds them. This means that these particles can't escape Cyberclean. The more dirt Cyber Clean® absorbs the more the mass changes colors (the yellow "Home & Office" from yellow to green and the "Automotive" from blue to grayish brown). A color-scale on the packaging gives you this information. Once the mass has changed color and is no longer able to absorb more dirt as shown on the packaging then it must be replaced.

Why is Cyber Clean® sometimes feeling different in my hands?
Cyber Clean® has a constant pH-value of about 7. On your skin you have an acid-mantle because sweat is slightly acidic. The liquid excreted from the skin consists of water, fatty acid and "urinary" substances (sodium chloride, urea, uric acid, azotic substances). Additionally the fat of the skin is decaying constantly. Such substances and other residues that might be on the hand (skin) may react with Cyber Clean® and therefore the mass may "feel" different from time to time. Just knead your Cyberclean until your hands adjust to the pH Balance of Cyberclean.

What happens with the germs that are absorbed by Cyber Clean®?
Cyber Clean® absorbs harmful dirt and this dirt is never transferred or migrated to another surface when used!

Can Cyber Clean® also remove stains?
Cyber Clean® was not developed for such use.
Cyber Clean® is to be pressed on the dirty spots (do not rub) and then absorbs the dirt particles. Most stains cannot be removed by this action.

Is Cyber Clean® harmful to the environment?
Cyber Clean® compromises exclusively of substances that are not harmful to the environment. Cyber Clean® is biodegradable!

Do I need to follow special instructions when disposing Cyber Clean®?
Cyber Clean® is biodegradable and is not harmful to the environment. You can throw your Cyber Clean® in the regular garbage can and that is just fine.

Cyber Clean® looks and feels like this famous toy play mass called SLIME®! May my children also play with Cyber Clean®?
Cyber Clean® may look and feel like SLIME. However, it is not a toy! Cyber Clean® is a cleaner and therefore should only be used by adults.

Can it be that in case of unmindful use Cyber Clean® leaves stains on furniture, clothes, etc.?
If Cyber Clean® dries up and agglutinates (e.g., on a raw surface) soak it with warm water and then wipe it off. On textiles Cyber Clean® can be cleaned with a washing powder that contains enzymes (e.g., Ariel Essential).

Can Cyber Clean® dry out and what to do then?
Yes! Cyber Clean® consists of a big part of water which can evaporate if the mass is not stored in a container (bag or cup) that is completely closed. The product then will get cracky and cannot be used any longer. A new Cyber Clean® has to be purchased.

My Cyber Clean® fell into the water! Is this bad and do I have to buy a new one now?
No. However, Cyber Clean® does not absorb liquids. You still may use the product after such an incident. At the beginning it may feel a little bit "slimy". Just knead it and it will be fine!