Cool Cap Heat Blocking Auto Sun Shades

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Cool Cap blows all other car sun shades away by giving your vehicle full protection against the summer’s hot blazing damaging heat.

Cool Cap’s Reflectionite Fabric blocks the heat from the outside, before it gets into your car.

By covering your car’s roof and all the glass, the Cool Cap effectively acts like a portable garage. (Your car dashboard will be over 100 degrees cooler on hot days when you use a Cool Cap.)

Sun Shades don’t keep a car cool
...because they are located inside the car.
...because they only block the sun at the front windshield.

Cool Caps work because our highly reflective fabric blocks all the heat from all the windows and the roof - from the outside, before it gets into your car!

Simply pull them on or toss them over your car. Velcro Straps fasten at each side-view mirror. Lock the tail into your trunk or use our unique Soft Hooks to fasten your Cool Cap to your vehicle. Or forget the straps and hold the front down with two soft hooks attached to the loops in the front. Secure the front hooks to your wheels or anyplace that works for you. Every Cool Cap and Tarp comes with 4 Soft Hooks attached to a short length on bungee cord.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more specifics, but the bottom line is the Cool Cap does exactly what we say it does - Guaranteed!

Frequently Asked Questions


Does the Cool Cap work well in the winter?

Absolutely! The Cool Cap is great at protecting your car from snow, ice and frost. Check out the great demonstration video below and see for yourself.

Is the Cool Cap hard to use?

No, a Standard or Cockpit throws over a car very easily. We put them on in about 20 seconds. The larger units are a bit more work, but the pay off is huge... your car stays cool and protected. To take them off, just release the straps and/or hooks and pull it off the roof and crumble/fold it into your arms. We just throw them into our trunks or rear cargo areas.

Is the Cool Cap Waterproof?

Yes! No problem leaving them out in the rain – water shakes right off them.

Are the Cool Cap's Breathable?

Car Covers are a pain! They are big and bulky and they don’t block heat. Sun Shades don’t work! That’s why we invented the Cool Cap. The car cover industry touts breathability – but they use fabrics designed to protect cars, not block heat. Modern car paints don’t need the protection – but your car’s interior does! Breathable fabrics allow heat to penetrate to the interior of a car. Lighter color fabrics help, but not much. Our mirror-like Reflectionite Fabric is non-breathable and waterproof. It won’t let the heat in and it won’t become a soggy mess. And since it only covers the roof and windows, they are way easier to use than cumbersome car covers! Yuck!

How long will my Cool Cap® last?

Use it on and off the car and you’ll get a few seasons out of your unit. The Cool Cap is waterproof, but exposure to rain repeatedly will shorten the products useful lifespan. 24/7 use of the Cool Cap or repeated exposure to rain will cause the unit to start to breakdown within a year in the harshest environments... like Florida, Texas and Arizona. However, In typical on/off use, customers can expect to get at least two seasons of use out of their Cool Cap, and often more.

Put anything out in the sun and it is going to eventually dry up, crack, fall apart. The same goes for a Cool Cap. Better the Cool Cap than the interior of your car!

A Cool Cap is cheaper that a typical pair of running shoes, and just like the shoes... when your Cool Cap® wears out.... and you simply replace it.

You also want to make sure you don't use the Cool Cap in excessively windy conditions... the soft hook tabs will rip out. It's not a parachute, it's a Cool Cap!