Colorize Permanent Stain Remover

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Eliminate Stains Permanently On Just About Anything!

We get stains on many things, from carpet, to clothing, to furniture, car seats, apparel... and no matter how hard they try, cleaners will not take them out. So what do you do when you just can't get rid of a stain? Well, until Colorize, there was nothing else a person could do.

Colorize is the answer to removing almost any stain on almost anything. Colorize doesn't actually get rid of the stain, it colors over the stain and permanently eliminates it. The 7 color dyes included with the kit mix to all popular shades and colors. Then it's simple: Just apply one or two coats of color over the stain, and it's gone. You have colored over the stain, and eliminated it.

With Colorize, just mix, apply and let dry. Colorize also matches most popular textures as well.

There is no other product in the USA that can do what Colorize does.

FREE replacement repair compound for this kit. Follow instructions in kit.

Money Back Guarantee!
If you're not totally satisfied with this product for any reason, ship it back and we'll refund the purchase price. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do these kits really work?

Absolutely! Our repair compound is specially formulated to produce the best possible results for the home user. For best results, we highly recommend you practice doing several repairs using a scrap piece of similar material before trying the actual repair.

Q: Is it hard to match the colors in the kit to my leather, vinyl or fabric material?

A: As with any DIY project, practice makes perfect. The more you practice before attempting the actual repair, the better your results are likely to be. We've included a comprehensive color matching guide with every kit to help guide you to a near-perfect color match. However, the final match is up to you. Once you think you have your best possible match, we recommend you apply it to a small, inconspicuous area of the material you need to repair. For example, the underside of a leather couch cushion, or the inside leather overlap of a leather jacket. Testing your color match first in this way will help ensure you're satisfied with your color match on the actual repair.


"When my 3 year old got into some acne medication, he made a mess! I thought we would need to replace over $1,000 worth of NEW carpet in the hallway and stairs. Or pay hundreds of dollars to have a professional dye the bleach spots. I ran across this product and decided to try a kit on one of the smaller spots. Needless to say I came back for more to cover the rest. As long as you have a good eye for matching and mixing colors, it is very easy. If not, all you need is a small test spot. I will definitely come back for any other products. Thanks a ton!"

North Carolina