Clean Air Car Odor Remover

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Clean Air cleans, neutralizes and deodorizes foul smelling odors blowing from your vehicle's air conditioning and heating system.

Clean Air removes a variety of odor-producing organisms that form deep inside your vehicle's air conditioning and heating system including mold, mildew, algae and smoke.

More than just a cover-up, Clean Air freshens foul smelling systems by attacking the problem at its source leaving behind a factory-fresh smelling interior.

Clean Air
is very easy to use. Simply spray Clean Air into your exterior air intake vents (typically located just under the front windshield) and directly into your A/C and heating vents and run your ventilation system as normal.

With Clean Air, everyone who owns a car, truck, SUV, bus, plane or RV can now breathe easier knowing that the foul odor blowing from their vents is cleaner, fresher and of higher quality.

Clean Air
is proudly Made in the USA!

NOTE! Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of this product by air. This item can only be shipped to the Continental United States by UPS Ground.


  • Attacks and cures the problem of poor automotive air quality at the source. The air conditioning & heating duct system.
  • Penetrates into hidden passages of air conditioning and heating duct systems where airborne contaminates breed and thrive
  • No tools required. Simply spray into air grills and air intakes
  • Treats stale odors, mold, mildew, algae, allergens, cigarette smoke
  • Neutral light clean scent