Car Scratch Remover Pen

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This revolutionary new scratch remover pen uses hi-tech clear coat resins to eliminate light to deep scratches on your vehicle's clear coated finish in just minutes.

The Scratch Remover Pen works on all colors. It can be used in direct or indirect sunlight and at any temperature.

Simply draw over the scratch, wait 7-10 minutes, then polish as needed. Note. If there is overlay, compounding and buffing may be required.

Each Scratch Eliminator Pen contains enough product to fill approximately 200 - 6 inch scratches.

NOTE: If the scratch is too deep and does not disappear, paint touch up may be required.



  • Fills and seals scratches on clear coat finishes
  • Dries in 7 to 10 minutes
  • Works in any temperature
  • Requires no sanding or painting
  • Easy to use. No experience required
  • Saves money on costly shop repairs