BrushNut™ Precision Lug Nut Cleaning Brush

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The Best Lug Nut Cleaning Brush Ever Invented!

The BrushNut is not a gimmick. It is a well thought out, precision auto detailing tool that will clean your lug nuts and lug nut openings faster, easier and better than anything you’ve ever tried before and will last you for 100’s of uses.

Until now, it's been a tiresome and unsatisfying job trying to use a cotton  swab, a rag, high-pressure water or chemicals just to get inside those little areas inside your wheel where dirt and brake dust like to hide. Especially with the wheels of today.

That is what inspired two car enthusiasts from Silicon Valley to invent a better way of tackling this tedious task. They consulted with owners of exotic automobiles, detailers, restorers, and car dealers and came up with a solution to the problem. After several designs, molds, brush testing and prototypes, they finally came up with just the right tool: The BrushNut™.

The BrushNut is made with space-age polymer bristles which are "feathered" to eliminate scratching. They reach deep into wheel openings and scrub both the opening and the lug nut. They can also be used to clean narrow wheel slots and around tire valve stems. They are absolutely guaranteed not to scratch any polished wheel.

There are two BrushNut models available. One is available with a comfortable, ergonomic, handle for hand use and the other is available with a 3/8 inch, tri-lobed, shaft for use with any cordless drill.

If you don't own a cordless drill or if you don't see yourself using a drill to clean your wheels, get the BrushNut with the handle. You'll love it. However, if you’re fussy or fanatical about the way your car's wheels look, get the BrushNut with the 3/8 shank and use it with your cordless drill. Or, if it won't break your piggy bank, get both brushes and use the one that fits your mood. Both are highly effective and recommended.


  • Non-Abrasive brush is safe on all wheels
  • Reaches into the deepest lug nut wells
  • Manufactured to last for 100's of uses
  • Made in the USA


“Works great. One of the best devices I’ve run into in 21 years detailing the most extraordinary automobiles. Not B.S. The bristles are ideal and last. I’ve tested them on Ferrari, BMW, Porsche, Shelby Cobra, Mercedes and Lamborghini. I recommend BrushNut and use BrushNut.”

Keith Thompson
Diamond Car Care Systems