Auto Love Bug Eraser (Pack of 3)

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Now you can quickly and easily remove bugs, including love bugs, dirt, road grime, brake dust and even minor road tar from your vehicle’s finish with the amazing Love Bug Eraser.

Using the Love Bug Eraser couldn’t be simpler. Just dip in a bucket of soapy water and clean away. It takes virtually no effort to remove anything in its path.

The Love Bug Eraser is reusable and safe to use on paint, clear coat, plastic, glass or metal.

The Love Bug Eraser is an amazingly simple product that will change the way you tackle auto bug removal forever.

The Love Bug Eraser also works great on trucks, boats, RV’s and motorcycles.

Each package contains 3 Love Bug Erasers.

  • Reusable - Just rinse and reuse over & over again
  • Safe for paint, clear coat, plastic, glass, metal
  • Cleans all bugs off with only car wash soap & water
  • Quick & simple to use
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Manufactured in the USA

  • Testimonials

    “It works great to remove pesky bugs from the front of your vehicle”.
    John Biskup
    Montgomery, AL

    “It works very well on removing bugs and tar. It also worked very good on removing bird droppings using just soap and water."
    Wayne Garner
    Lake Mary, FL

    “Used "The Boss Love Bug Eraser" this weekend on both my vehicles and boat and it worked great! It did a great job on the "pond scum" on the boat and the bug guts all over the front of both vehicles; it even took the tar like substance off the side of my truck from some road construction I went through!
    Randy Redding
    Tampa, FL

    “It not only replaced the various brushes and sponges I used to use, but it also replaced many of the various cleaners (bug cleaners, windscreen cleaners, degreasers, etc). I was able to use just my regular soap and water!”
    Patrick O’Neill
    Orlando, FL