Auto Deer Alert

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Every year in the USA alone, there are approximately one million car/deer crashes resulting in 150 deaths and over a billion dollars in vehicle damage.

By installing a pair of Auto Deer Alerts to the front of your vehicle, you can dramatically reduce your chances of hitting wildlife such as deer, elk, moose, antelope and even kangaroos by as much as 80%.

Auto Deer Alerts generate high-pitched sound waves starting at a speed of 35 Mph which cause animals to freeze in their tracks.

Auto Deer Alerts quickly mount to the front of your car, truck or motorcycle using double-sided tape (included) and alerts animals up to a 1/4 of a mile away.

Auto Deer Alerts come in your choice of black or chrome.


    • Wind activated - No power source needed
    • Emits ultrasonic waves inaudible to humans or pets inside the vehicle
    • Provides increased safety to you and your passengers
    • No tools needed - Installs easily with included adhesive backing
    • Fits cars, trucks, motorcycles and vans