Accutire Digital Tire Gauge

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Accutire is the world’s leading brand of digital tire pressure gauges in terms of features, quality and performance. This model features a unique ergonomic shape, bright LED flashlight and super large blue backlit display for easy reading.

Accutire digital tire gauges are made and tested to the highest quality standards, to be accurate within at least 0.5%. All Accutire digital tire gauges are constructed with full bridge pressure sensing technology – essentially a sampling system that takes multiple readings to verify accuracy. That’s why Accutire outperforms other brands for accuracy and repeatability in extreme cold, hot, and humid weather environments. They also conduct rigorous durability testing for vibration, drop test and cycle life to 20,000 uses. Many Accutire digital gauges are made with lifetime lithium batteries and come with a 5-year product replacement guarantee.


  • White LED flashlight
  • Very Accurate 5-99 PSI
  • Blue Backlit easy to read display
  • Beep Verification
  • Rubber grip for easy handling
  • Lifetime lithium battery
  • 5-year product replacement guarantee