Why Car Waxes Don't Last

Don't Let This Happen To Your Car's Paint!

Sun Heated Wax Is Easily Washed Off Your Paint, Leaving It Vulnerable to Damage
Again. To Protect Your Paint With Wax,
You'll Need To Wax Again and Again.
Who Has Time For This?

For almost 100 years, waxing has been the answer to protecting your car's finish. The problem with waxing is that it only offers temporary protection for your car. Paint has pores, just like your skin. Solar heat closes those pores and forces out the melted wax after a good baking under the scorching sun. These waxes become warm and sticky enough to trap dust, acids and chemicals on your car's paint, exactly what they are supposed to keep away! Sun heated wax is easily washed off your paint, leaving it vulnerable to damage again. To protect your paint, you'll need to wax it again and again. Who has time for this?

Don't Wax Your Car Before You Read This!

The following chart demonstrates how 5 Star Shine's PTFE formula compares with the active ingredients in the name brand waxes and polishes when it comes to withstanding different environmental threats to your paint. As you can see from the chart, car waxes are very poor at protecting against damage by ultraviolet rays, acids, and oils which is EXACTLY what your vehicle is exposed to on a daily basis. You'd have to wax your vehicle all the time to get the same protection that 5 Star Shine gives you with just one application! Car waxes begin to degrade rapidly when exposed to sunlight and then just wash off in the car wash or in the rain. Do you really want to protect your second most expensive investment with cheap waxes that only provide temporary protection at best?

5 Star Shine's PTFE Protects Best!

5 Star Shine Gives Your Car The Best,
Longest Lasting Protection Money Can
Buy. Your Car Stays Much Cleaner Too!

PTFE, or Polytetrafluroethylene has been used by NASA for decades to protect everything from space suits to the space station. PTFE resists virtually every chemical on the planet and provides superior performance in both hot and cold environments.

If you've ever used a non-stick frying pan, you already know how slippery PTFE is because that's what makes the pan so slick that eggs slide right off. Virtually nothing can stick to PTFE - not even water! . 5 Star Shine's patented PTFE formulation gives your car the industry's only 5 year protection. The end result is a deep, wet shine that stays incredibly clean. When washing is needed, you can simply rinse dirt away with a hose!