Why Buy 5 Star Shine?

The 5 Star Shine Advantage

YOUR CAR STAYS CLEANER - Vehicles protected with 5 Star Shine stay much cleaner due to the patented PTFE formula.
BEST PROTECTION - 5 Star Shine protects your paint for up to 5 years versus just a few weeks for other waxes and polishes.
LASTING BEAUTY - 5 Star Shine gives your vehicle a deep, wet look that looks like it was just detailed.
SAVE $$ HUNDREDS OVER DEALER SYSTEMS - Dealer packages cost up to $1600 for their paint protection packages that have to reapplied every few months.
EASY APPLICATION - 5 Star Shine can be applied in about an hour on any size car or truck.
LAB TESTED TO SURVIVE OVER 150 WASHINGS - while a name brand wax had already completely washed away at only 25 washings!
DIRT WASHES AWAY EASILY WITH A HOSE - 5 Star Shine protected vehicles can usually be washed with just a spray of a hose - no soap needed!
SAVES TIME - No more waxing and washing is much easier when it is required.
100% SAFE - 5 Star Shine has been certified safe on all paints, clear coats, fiberglass & gel coats.
GUARANTEED - All our products come with a No-Risk Guarantee. If you're not happy with ANYTHING for any reason, we'll refund the purchase price...No Questions Asked!