How 5 Star Shine Works

Here's How 5 Star Shine Works

5 Star Shine's patented two step process uses a technology called "Electrophoresis Dynamics", a chemical application based on a magnetic principle. Just as the opposite poles of two bar magnets attract each other to form a strong powerful connection, 5 Star Shine's PPS formula is magnetically drawn into the paint. When joined, the polarization creates a super bond between the two surfaces making it very difficult to separate.

The step 1 solution cleans and prepares the surface while setting up a positive electromagnetic charge on the paint. Next, step 2 is applied which contains the negatively charged PTFE. With opposite charges attracting, the PTFE is magnetically pulled into the paint pores while all the protective chemicals in the 5 Star Shine system crosslink and cure. Once cured, PTFE is fused into the paint, preventing drift, fade or degradation for years to come...Guaranteed!

5 Star Shine Can Be Applied By Anybody
Using A Simple 2 Step Process

Application of 5 STAR SHINE is a simple two-step process that anybody can do. If you can wash and wax a car, you can apply 5 Star Shine. It's that EASY! Here's how you'll do it!

Step #1

Wash your vehicle initially to remove all dirt and contamination. Pour the contents of the polarizing wash (Step #1) into a gallon of warm water and wash the car completely again using the polarizing wash solution. Let the paint air dry for about 30 minutes or until its dry to the touch. Now hose off the car thoroughly and dry it with a clean towel. The polarizing wash has cleaned your paint and put a positive charge on the paint surface. Now you're ready for Step #2.

Step #2

Make sure that your paint is not too hot to touch comfortably. If so, move to a shaded area to finish. Apply the 5 Star Shine PPS Formula (Step #2) to just one section of the car at a time. For example, you might start with the hood and then go to the left fender and proceed around the car. Using the included foam pad, apply 3 dime sized amounts to your foam pad at a time and apply it to the paint in a circular motion. You only need a thin coating on the paint. Once you've lightly covered the entire section, you can buff it off that section immediately with a clean towel until you get a dazzling, slick shine. Apply Step #2 to each remaining section and buff off immediately. That's it, you're done. Your car will now have a deep, wet shine that will stay incredibly clean!