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Thank you for joining our 5 Star Shine Newsletter!  Here is how to get your two bonuses!  Just follow Step #1 and Step #2 below to get access to your free bonuses.  Thank you!

Bonus #1 - Free Energy Devices!

See Youtube Video here:


Bonus #2 - Russian Medical Device like something out of Star Trek!

See Youtube video here:


How to get Both Bonuses Now!

Step #1 - Get Access to your bonuses on Project Nsearch

Sign Up For Project Nsearch using this link via email address or Facebook

Step #2

Once you sign up, Login to Project Nsearch and go to the "Bonuses" menu page here:

NOTE - you MUST have already signed up and logged into before you can see or click on the "Bonuses" menu option.  This menu option will not be visible if you are not logged into the website.  

On the "Bonuses" menu option you will find the contact information for companies producing Free Energy device and my  free ebook, "Suppressed Health Secrets" containing contact information and links to the Russian medical device like something out of Star Trek!

You can also get my guide on making $200 or More per day there too if you're interested in making extra money.

Please email if you have any problems or questions!