How Easy is 5 Star Shine to Apply?

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Applying 5 Star Shine is very easy. The entire process only takes about an hour.

1. Wash your vehicle thoroughly with a car wash soap (DO NOT use dishwashing detergent) to remove all dirt. If you purchased the 5 Star Shine Deluxe kit, use the pH Balanced Car Wash Soap included in your kit.
Note: pH Balanced Car Wash Soap is included in the 5 Star Shine Deluxe Kit.

2. Before applying Step #1, inspect your vehicle carefully for any hard-to-remove tree sap, road tar, insects, or any other contaminants on your paint, It is recommended to remove these contaminants prior to applying 5 Star Shine. We recommend using a paint cleaner to remove these blemishes prior to sealing the finish. Be sure to rewash those areas again prior to moving on to Step #1.
Note: Paint Cleaning Kit is included in the 5 Star Shine Deluxe Kit.

3. Remove stopper of Step 1 polarizing wash solution and pour entire contents into 1 gallon of hot or warm water, then mix.

4. Wash entire vehicle again with a sponge or towel using the polarizing wash solution that you mixed in Step #3.

5. Leave the polarizing wash solution on vehicle until it dries (about 10-15 minutes).

6. Rinse off polarizing wash solution completely and dry vehicle thoroughly with soft towel or chamois cloth.

7. Park your vehicle in a shaded area so that the paint is not hot to the touch.

8. Unscrew cap on Step #2 bottle and remove foil seal before replacing cap. Apply 3-4 dime sized dabs of the paint protection coating (Step #2) to one side of the foam applicator pad and apply to a 2 x 2 square foot section in a circular motion. Repeat this process until one entire area of the vehicle (for example an entire door) is covered with a thin coating. For best results and maximum coverage only apply a thin coating of Step #2 to paint.

9. Once one section of vehicle (for example an entire door) has been covered completely with Step #2, buff off that section with a clean terry cloth towel. If you purchased the Deluxe Kit, a terry cloth towel was included in your kit. You may also buff it off using an orbital polisher.

10. Repeat Step #9 until entire vehicle has been completed. You're done!
Note: The shine will continue to deepen over the next 48 hours

How Do I Care For My Vehicle After Applying 5 Star Shine?

As long as you do not use any products that will remove the 5 Star Shine protection, it will remain intact. We recommend avoiding any products that contain waxes or oils. This includes car wash soaps containing detergents, detailing sprays, and any harsh cleaning products. These types of products can compromise the protection or leave a film on the surface that will attract dirt.

Rinsing should be all you have to do to the vehicle after the 5 Star Shine has been applied. If you wish to hand dry, use a soft cloth such as a terry cloth or microfiber towel. If you do use soap, use a neutral pH balanced formula. We recommend using our Neutral pH Car Wash Soap or an additive free formula. Avoid automated car wash systems as their soaps are harsher than those on the market and can compromise the protection or leave a film that will attract dirt.

We recommend using our PPS Cleaner at least once per year to help re-energize your 5 Star Shine finish. It will remove residue and road film build up, without harming your finish. It can be used as often as you'd like since it will not compromise the protection.
Note: PPS Cleaner is not included in the 5 Star Shine Deluxe Kit.