15. Eagle Eyes Sunglasses

Eagle Eyes Sunglasses
High Performance Eyewear!

Finally - You Can Believe What You See!
Eagle Eyes are the ultimate advancement in vision enhancement.
More than just ordinary sunglasses!
Conventional sunglasses can actually blur your vision by allowing harmful UV rays in and darkening useful, vision-enhancing light rays. Slip on a pair of Eagle Eyes and be amazed. Everything is more vivid and sharper. You'll immediately notice that your eyes are more comfortable and relaxed and you'll feel no need to squint.
The Eagle Eyes revolutionary Patented Polarized TriLenium-Gold(TM) Lens System, developed by NASA scientists blocks 100% of Harmful Blue, Violet & UltraViolet Light Rays at 475nm while Allowing Vision-Enhancing Green, Yellow, Orange & Red Light Spectrum In! The Result? Unparalleled Visual Clarity, Contrast and Definition. Don't Be Fooled - Only Eagle Eyes Offers the Original, Patented Polarized TriLenium-Gold(TM) Lens System!

Get The Sharpest, Clearest Vision Possible!


Developed by NASA scientists, Eagle Eyes® Polarized Sunglasses improve your night and distance vision, enhance your perception and eliminate eyestrain.


Eagle Eyes sight-saving, triple lens filter blocks 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays while dramatically reducing glare and reflection. You'll be able to see better in the sun, smog, snow and rain! Also helps prevent cornea and retina damage. Trusted by law enforcement and military professionals, now you can use them to see better year-round.


Eagle Eyes Sunglasses - 20 Different Styles to Choose From...