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Instantly Increase Your Vehicle's Fuel Mileage Up To 10% Or More! Our High Performance MPG Fuel Booster provides Immediate Results for your vehicle. Once you add it to your fuel (gas or diesel), you'll start feeling the benefits immediately. MPG Fuel Booster isn't anything like the gas treatments or fuel...


Instantly Increase Your Vehicle's Fuel Mileage Up To 10% Or More!

Our High Performance MPG Fuel Booster provides Immediate Results for your vehicle. Once you add it to your fuel (gas or diesel), you'll start feeling the benefits immediately.

MPG Fuel Booster isn't anything like the gas treatments or fuel injector cleaners you see sitting on the store shelves. MPG Fuel Booster works in an entirely different way and is not available in stores.

MPG Fuel Booster is a super concentrated blend of hydrocarbons designed to increase the performance of gasoline or diesel. When mixed with your fuel, the results will be increased power, increased mileage, increased vehicle performance, substantially reduced emissions, cleaner fuel system, and substantial fuel cost savings. Guaranteed!!

The following chart shows expected savings using one 4 ounce bottle of MPG Fuel Booster to treat 160 Gallons of gas or diesel. Savings are based on gas selling for $3.75 Per Gallon. (Update! Since gas is averaging $4.00 across the country now, your savings could be even greater than what is shown in the chart below)

Percent Of Increase Gallons Saved Real Dollars Saved by YOU
10 16 $60.00
15 24 $90.00
20 32 $120.00
That's Real Money Right Back In Your Pocket!

MPG Fuel Booster is extremely concentrated. One 4-ounce bottle will treat 160 gallons of gas. If you have a 16 gallon tank, that's 10 tankfuls.

How MPG Fuel Booster Works

Gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules that vary in size and shape. Short molecules burn very quickly, causing engine knock and nitrous oxide emissions. Longer molecules burn slower and incompletely, leaving unburned hydrocarbons in the form of various exhaust pollutants.

MPG Fuel Booster delays the burning of short hydrocarbons, and quickens the burning of the longer hydrocarbons, The molecules ignite simultaneously, reducing pre and post ignition detonation causing a more complete fuel burn at the spark on the power stroke.

MPG Fuel Booster provides Immediate Results for your vehicle. You will begin to experience the following results within minutes of adding MPG Fuel Booster to your gas or diesel.

  1. INCREASED MILEAGE PER GALLON. We guarantee a minimum of 10%, Most get better.
  2. INCREASED POWER. You can feel the difference as you drive.
  3. INCREASED PERFORMANCE. Your vehicle will purr like a kitten.
  4. REDUCED EMISSIONS. Never worry about passing the emissions test again.
  5. LESS WEAR ON ENGINE. Better combustion reduces engine wear.
  6. DECREASES ENGINE MAINTENANCE. Spark plugs and oil stay cleaner longer.
  7. CLEANER IGNITION SYSTEM. Longer time between tune-ups. Decreased mechanic visits.
  8. FASTER STARTING. Fewer cranking amps needed to start the engine extends battery life.
  9. REDUCED OCTANE REQUIREMENT. Drop from high octane to low octane.
    Save an additional 15 cents per gallon at the pump.
  10. INCREASED ENGINE LIFE. Less wear and tear makes your car last longer.
  11. REDUCES ENGINE MISFIRE. Your car runs smooth and happy.
  12. STABILIZES FUEL. Your car runs better no matter where you fill-up.


MPG Diesel Booster

MPG High Performance Diesel Booster with Cetane Improver is one of the best performance and mileage stimulants available anywhere In the world today!

MPG Diesel Booster is Guaranteed to increase your mileage by 10%; Many Get More!

MPG High Performance Diesel Booster is formulated to meet world class "Premium Diesel" injector cleanliness, cetane number, lubricity and, stability standards.

MPG Diesel Booster helps diesel engines run at peak performance and protects them from unnecessary wear.

MPG Diesel Booster works extremely well in diesel engines, especially when used in combination with our Friction Terminator Oil Treatment. Results prove, both of these products working together showed increases of 15%, 20%, 25% and more!

The following chart shows expected savings using two 4 oz. bottles of High Performance MPG Diesel Booster to treat 320 gallons of diesel fuel. Savings are based on diesel selling at $4.80 Per Gallon.

Percent Of Increase Gallons Saved Real Dollars Saved by YOU
10 36 $172.80
15 48 $230.04
20 72 $345.60
Treat 320 Gallons. Saves Over $150.00 In Fuel!
Bulk Pricing is available for One Gallon, 5 Gallon Pails, 15 Gallon Drums and 55 Gallon Drums. Please email robert@5starshine.com or call us at 888-809-8385 for price quotes or to have someone to contact you.

Friction Terminator

NOW you can get up to 10% better gas mileage OR MORE from your vehicle with Friction Terminator! You will also get a longer lasting engine due to the protection of Friction Terminator on all your engine surfaces.

Friction Terminator Oil Treatment
is a super concentrated formula designed to eliminate friction and wear which substantially increases equipment life. Friction Terminator is a proprietary agent that can be mixed with all lubricants, motor oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, etc.

Here is a case-hardened Timken steel bearing that was pressure-tested in a falex pressure machine. The bearing was bathed in one ounce of a name brand synthetic oil and seized at 65 pounds of pressure causing severe damage to the bearing.   One drop of Friction Terminator was added to the oil. The bearing was repositioned and pressure was applied. This time, the bearing seized at over 900 pounds of pressure with very limited damage to the bearing. What this means to your engine is, Less Friction = More Horsepower AND Better Gas Mileage!

Friction Terminator together with our MPG Fuel Booster has been shown in some vehicles to get up to 30% better mileage!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is MPG Fuel Booster needed when all gasoline contains an EPA or CARB certified deposit control additive?
"Gasoline combustion results in the formation of engine deposits. The accumulation of deposits, in fuel injectors and on intake valves, typically result in increased emissions and reduced engine performance. Congress recognized the importance of effective deposit control additives in minimizing vehicle emissions. It required gasoline to contain deposit control additives, effective January 1, 1995, and provided the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the authority to establish specifications for such additives.

The Clean Air Act provides that gasoline contain certified additives at the minimum concentration or compliance level (also known as the lowest additive concentration (LAC) necessary to be effective. The end effect of these regulations is that all gasoline contains a deposit control additive.

Most Suppliers have chosen to use the LAC level, including some who previously promoted the use of their gasoline by advertising the use of deposit control. Economic pressures caused most suppliers to lower their additive concentrations to the LAC.

MPG Fuel Booster additive packages for gasoline and diesel fuel provide strong differentiating advantages over any and all fuel additives available in today's marketplace.
We can improve fuel economy, fuel cleanliness. Cold weather performance, warm weather performance, higher-altitude performance and horsepower. We can reduce emissions and create special blends for trucks.

All MPG Fuel Booster gasoline performance packages contain formulations well above the LAC regulations required by the EPA.
MPG Fuel Booster is designed to eliminate deposits and deliver fuel system cleanliness in the carburetor or throttle body, port fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chamber. Fuel economy is an important issue. With fuel friction modifiers we reduce friction in the piston rings to burn less fuel, and reduce CO2 emissions.

What is the shelf life and how long?
The shelf life for MPG Fuel Booster and MPG Diesel Booster can retain their effectiveness for several years.

Can I use the MPG FUEL BOOSTER in my new car?
Yes. MPG Fuel Booster and MPG Diesel Booster work well above the
LAC to continuously clean the combustion chamber, provide upper cylinder lubrication, increase power, increase mileage, increase performance and provide substantial fuel cost reductions in new, as well as older vehicles.

What is a fuel stimulant?
A fuel stimulant or catalyst is a substance that either accelerates or retards a chemical reaction, but one which in and of itself undergoes no permanent change. MPG FUEL BOOSTER helps the hydrocarbon molecules ignite simultaneously, reducing pre and post ignition detonation causing a more complete fuel burn at the spark on the power stroke. Gas is burned more effectively causing less waste and increasing mileage.

How much MPG Fuel Booster do I use?
The standard MPG Fuel Booster bottle contains 4 ounces of concentrated fuel stimulant, which treats up to 160 gallons of gasoline. That is basically eight, 20 gallon tanks or approximately 8 to 10 fill-ups. It is recommended to use ½ ounce per 20 gallons of gasoline. You can experiment with the treatment amount to determine what dosage is best for your vehicle and the brand of gasoline you use to reach your maximum increase in mileage.

Can I use too much?
It is recommended to use all fuel stimulants as directed by the instructions on the label. Over dosage or excessive usage would not increase results. Our products have been formulated to work best at the recommended dosage.

Is this product safe for my car?
Yes. There is nothing in MPG Fuel Booster that is not in gasoline or in MPG Diesel Booster that is not in diesel fuel. We simply make gasoline and diesel fuel better! All of our products have been extensively tested and have been deemed safe for use in all cars with combustion engines.

Will MPG FUEL BOOSTER void my warranty?
No. There is nothing in MPG Fuel Booster that is not in gasoline or diesel fuel. All MPG Fuel Booster products undergo extensive testing to evaluate their performance and are determined to be safe for use in vehicles, both new and old. Our products are specifically formulated to help improve the performance of the gasoline and diesel fuel which will help maintain and improve the performance of your vehicle.

Why should I use MPG FUEL BOOSTER?
MPG FUEL BOOSTER will save you money by reducing fuel consumption, engine maintenance and costly repairs. It will also reduce emissions, reduce your carbon footprint and help to obtain positive effects on today's environment. For most people, it's simple. Our high performance products save more money in fuel than what the products cost to use.


I tried your MPG fuel booster, and friction terminator in my 2000 Grand Caravan this last weekend. We went on a 1,000 mile trip over the 4th of July to Southwestern Colorado, seeing the sites. I normally get gas mileage of 19 to 20 miles per gallon in driving to Topeka KS, to see my son, who lives there. Now Kansas is flat land. In driving in Southwestern Colorado, it is mostly mountain driving, up and down grades, 5% to 7 %, switchbacks. I tracked my gas mileage and got 23 - 24 miles per gallon driving, with 4 adults in the van plus luggage and coolers. It also was hot daytime temperatures in the 90's. I couldn't believe the gas mileage, it did increase it by 20%. I think it is great and I will definetly use it again and again.

Thank you for bringing me to the attention of these products.
David McGuigan
Centennial, CO

Thanks for the samples of fuel additive; I've been running it in my blazer, and my diesel truck for work. My wife drives the blazer mostly so only had a chance to test once. I noticed approx. 5 miles a gallon improvement on this 6 cylinder. But on my diesel I have ran it for at least 5 tanks on short and long trips, my mileage went from average of 16.8 to 22.8 consistent. We keep track really good of mileage, and these are accurate. My top mileage believe it or not was on a long trip (26 mpg average) I will run this additive in my vehicles. Thanks again!
General Contractor

My name is Cathy, and I would like to tell you how well your product worked for me. Two of my sister and my best friend were taking a trip to Miami FL, for our yearly vacation get together. We decided to rent a minivan for the trip. My son knew we were trying to save as much money as possible on travel cost so that we would have more money on our trip to enjoy ourselves, so he convinced me to try this new additive that he loved so much. I agreed to try it out. I added the additive with a full tank of gas 4 adult women and all of our luggage. We drove from Plant City, FL to Miami, FL in about 4 hours and we only used ¾ of a tank of gas. I know that this may not seem so outstanding to most but normally we have to fill up tank around Fort Myers, usually because our gas mileage isn't very good because of the weight of the vehicle. Instead of five fill ups that we normally have on our trip, it was reduced to three! Thank you for making this wonderful product.
Plant City, FL

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Jasen, and I have had the privilege of trying the gas additive. I have tried many other products in the past to improve my gas mileage, but nothing has given me the results that I received yours. I own a 1996 Chevrolet Blazer, with a 16 gallon tank, that without any additives would get anywhere from 280 - 320 miles to a tank of gas. From the first time I used the gas additive I noticed an immediate improvement in power and mileage. With each treatment the improvements to my SUV were outstanding. I averaged 400 miles to a tank of gas, my engine was quieter and there was a big relief in my pocket. Instead of filling up almost three times a week I was only having to go to the gas station twice a week. This is an awesome product and I must say it has been a great benefit to me and my family.

To Whom It May Concern:
In regards to the oil and gas treatment that I purchased, it really was an asset to my Navigator. I just wanted to let you know my power and gas mileage improved at least 15%. My Lincoln also even rides smoother, and for some reason my engine is a little quieter. Thanks for allowing me to try it out on my truck.

The fuel booster has made a difference in my MPG.
Eddie Chislton
Cleveland , OH

No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Try a bottle of our MPG Fuel Booster and a bottle of our Friction Terminator and see for yourself. Check your mileage before and after and if you are not totally satisfied with the increase in mileage as well as the increase in horsepower and performance of your vehicle, send us back the empty bottle(s) and we'll refund the purchase price. No Questions Asked. The reason we are doing this is because we know that once you try our products, you will be totally satisfied with the results.


Bulk Pricing is available for 5 Gallon Pails, 15 Gallon Drums and 55 Gallon Drums. Please email robert@5starshine.com or call us at 888-809-8385 for more information.

Special Trial Offer

 Trial Offer Includes

  • 1 oz MPG Fuel Booster (Treats up to 40 gallons of Gas or Diesel) $8.95 Value
  • 1 oz Friction Terminator (Once per year treatment) $19.95 Value!
All of this for $17.95 plus shipping!

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