Never Wax Your Car Again!
NASA Technology Eliminates Waxing Forever
And Keeps Your Car Incredibly Clean!

From technology proven in the aerospace industry comes a paint protection system guaranteed to protect your car's finish for 5 years and keep it incredibly clean. 5 Star Shine's unique PPS technology took over a decade to develop and patent. In fact, 5 Star Shine's PPS formula is the only paint protection system ever awarded a U.S. patent and tested to survive over 150 washings! It's even used by the US Navy

5 Star Shine is not a car wax nor can it be compared to waxes. Waxes offer no long term protection for your car because they break down quickly when exposed to the sun's harsh UV Rays. Car waxes also get sticky in the hot sun and actually attract and hold dust and dirt next to your paint which is why freshly waxed cars seem to get dirty so quickly.

5 Star Shine can only be compared to the expensive paint protection systems offered by new car dealers because that is our primary market. Our patented formula is sold under another name in many dealerships all across the world at anywhere from $500 to $1500 depending on the dealer. Since we can't control how much dealers charge for our product, the 5 Star Shine brand was created to provide the D.I.Y. (do it yourself) market the exact same 5 year paint protection system at a fraction of the cost. 5 Star Shine is the only product guaranteed to protect your car's paint for up to 5 years and keep it incredibly clean.

Why Car Waxes Don't Last

Don't Let This Happen To Your Car's Paint!

Sun Heated Wax Is Easily Washed Off Your Paint, Leaving It Vulnerable to Damage
Again. To Protect Your Paint With Wax,
You'll Need To Wax Again and Again.
Who Has Time For This?

For almost 100 years, waxing has been the answer to protecting your car's finish. The problem with waxing is that it only offers temporary protection for your car. Paint has pores, just like your skin. Solar heat closes those pores and forces out the melted wax after a good baking under the scorching sun. These waxes become warm and sticky enough to trap dust, acids and chemicals on your car's paint, exactly what they are supposed to keep away! Sun heated wax is easily washed off your paint, leaving it vulnerable to damage again. To protect your paint, you'll need to wax it again and again. Who has time for this?

Don't Wax Your Car Before You Read This!

The following chart demonstrates how 5 Star Shine's PTFE formula compares with the active ingredients in the name brand waxes and polishes when it comes to withstanding different environmental threats to your paint. As you can see from the chart, car waxes are very poor at protecting against damage by ultraviolet rays, acids, and oils which is EXACTLY what your vehicle is exposed to on a daily basis. You'd have to wax your vehicle all the time to get the same protection that 5 Star Shine gives you with just one application! Car waxes begin to degrade rapidly when exposed to sunlight and then just wash off in the car wash or in the rain. Do you really want to protect your second most expensive investment with cheap waxes that only provide temporary protection at best?

5 Star Shine's PTFE Protects Best!

5 Star Shine Gives Your Car The Best,
Longest Lasting Protection Money Can
Buy. Your Car Stays Much Cleaner Too!

PTFE, or Polytetrafluroethylene has been used by NASA for decades to protect everything from space suits to the space station. PTFE resists virtually every chemical on the planet and provides superior performance in both hot and cold environments.

If you've ever used a non-stick frying pan, you already know how slippery PTFE is because that's what makes the pan so slick that eggs slide right off. Virtually nothing can stick to PTFE - not even water! . 5 Star Shine's patented PTFE formulation gives your car the industry's only 5 year protection. The end result is a deep, wet shine that stays incredibly clean. When washing is needed, you can simply rinse dirt away with a hose!

How 5 Star Shine Works

5 Star Shine's patented two step process uses a technology called "Electrophoresis Dynamics", a chemical application based on a magnetic principle. Just as the opposite poles of two bar magnets attract each other to form a strong powerful connection, 5 Star Shine's PPS formula is magnetically drawn into the paint. When joined, the polarization creates a super bond between the two surfaces making it very difficult to separate.

The step 1 solution cleans and prepares the surface while setting up a positive electromagnetic charge on the paint. Next, step 2 is applied which contains the negatively charged PTFE. With opposite charges attracting, the PTFE is magnetically pulled into the paint pores while all the protective chemicals in the 5 Star Shine system crosslink and cure. Once cured, PTFE is fused into the paint, preventing drift, fade or degradation for years to come...Guaranteed!

5 Star Shine can be Applied by Anybody Using a Simple 2 Step Process

Application of 5 STAR SHINE is a simple two-step process that anybody can do. If you can wash and wax a car, you can apply 5 Star Shine. It's that EASY! Here's how you'll do it!

Step #1

Wash your vehicle initially to remove all dirt and contamination. Pour the contents of the polarizing wash (Step #1) into a gallon of warm water and wash the car completely again using the polarizing wash solution. Let the paint air dry for about 30 minutes or until its dry to the touch. Now hose off the car thoroughly and dry it with a clean towel. The polarizing wash has cleaned your paint and put a positive charge on the paint surface. Now you're ready for Step #2.

Step #2

Make sure that your paint is not too hot to touch comfortably. If so, move to a shaded area to finish. Apply the 5 Star Shine PPS Formula (Step #2) to just one section of the car at a time. For example, you might start with the hood and then go to the left fender and proceed around the car. Using the included foam pad, apply 3 dime sized amounts to your foam pad at a time and apply it to the paint in a circular motion. You only need a thin coating on the paint. Once you've lightly covered the entire section, you can buff it off that section immediately with a clean towel until you get a dazzling, slick shine. Apply Step #2 to each remaining section and buff off immediately. That's it, you're done. Your car will now have a deep, wet shine that will stay incredibly clean!

Why Buy 5 Star Shine?

The 5 Star Shine Advantage

YOUR CAR STAYS CLEANER - Vehicles protected with 5 Star Shine stay much cleaner due to the patented PTFE formula.
BEST PROTECTION - 5 Star Shine protects your paint for up to 5 years versus just a few weeks for other waxes and polishes.
LASTING BEAUTY - 5 Star Shine gives your vehicle a deep, wet look that looks like it was just detailed.
SAVE $$ HUNDREDS OVER DEALER SYSTEMS - Dealer packages cost up to $1600 for their paint protection packages that have to reapplied every few months.
EASY APPLICATION - 5 Star Shine can be applied in about an hour on any size car or truck.
LAB TESTED TO SURVIVE OVER 150 WASHINGS - while a name brand wax had already completely washed away at only 25 washings!
DIRT WASHES AWAY EASILY WITH A HOSE - 5 Star Shine protected vehicles can usually be washed with just a spray of a hose - no soap needed!
SAVES TIME - No more waxing and washing is much easier when it is required.
100% SAFE - 5 Star Shine has been certified safe on all paints, clear coats, fiberglass & gel coats.
GUARANTEED - All our products come with a No-Risk Guarantee. If you're not happy with ANYTHING for any reason, we'll refund the purchase price...No Questions Asked!

How Easy is 5 Star Shine to Apply?

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Applying 5 Star Shine is very easy. The entire process only takes about an hour.

1. Wash your vehicle thoroughly with a car wash soap (DO NOT use dishwashing detergent) to remove all dirt. If you purchased the 5 Star Shine Deluxe kit, use the pH Balanced Car Wash Soap included in your kit.
Note: pH Balanced Car Wash Soap is included in the 5 Star Shine Deluxe Kit.

2. Before applying Step #1, inspect your vehicle carefully for any hard-to-remove tree sap, road tar, insects, or any other contaminants on your paint, It is recommended to remove these contaminants prior to applying 5 Star Shine. We recommend using a paint cleaner to remove these blemishes prior to sealing the finish. Be sure to rewash those areas again prior to moving on to Step #1.
Note: Paint Cleaning Kit is included in the 5 Star Shine Deluxe Kit.

3. Remove stopper of Step 1 polarizing wash solution and pour entire contents into 1 gallon of hot or warm water, then mix.

4. Wash entire vehicle again with a sponge or towel using the polarizing wash solution that you mixed in Step #3.

5. Leave the polarizing wash solution on vehicle until it dries (about 10-15 minutes).

6. Rinse off polarizing wash solution completely and dry vehicle thoroughly with soft towel or chamois cloth.

7. Park your vehicle in a shaded area so that the paint is not hot to the touch.

8. Unscrew cap on Step #2 bottle and remove foil seal before replacing cap. Apply 3-4 dime sized dabs of the paint protection coating (Step #2) to one side of the foam applicator pad and apply to a 2 x 2 square foot section in a circular motion. Repeat this process until one entire area of the vehicle (for example an entire door) is covered with a thin coating. For best results and maximum coverage only apply a thin coating of Step #2 to paint.

9. Once one section of vehicle (for example an entire door) has been covered completely with Step #2, buff off that section with a clean terry cloth towel. If you purchased the Deluxe Kit, a terry cloth towel was included in your kit. You may also buff it off using an orbital polisher.

10. Repeat Step #9 until entire vehicle has been completed. You're done!
Note: The shine will continue to deepen over the next 48 hours

How Do I Care For My Vehicle After Applying 5 Star Shine?

As long as you do not use any products that will remove the 5 Star Shine protection, it will remain intact. We recommend avoiding any products that contain waxes or oils. This includes car wash soaps containing detergents, detailing sprays, and any harsh cleaning products. These types of products can compromise the protection or leave a film on the surface that will attract dirt.

Rinsing should be all you have to do to the vehicle after the 5 Star Shine has been applied. If you wish to hand dry, use a soft cloth such as a terry cloth or microfiber towel. If you do use soap, use a neutral pH balanced formula. We recommend using our Neutral pH Car Wash Soap or an additive free formula. Avoid automated car wash systems as their soaps are harsher than those on the market and can compromise the protection or leave a film that will attract dirt.

We recommend using our PPS Cleaner at least once per year to help re-energize your 5 Star Shine finish. It will remove residue and road film build up, without harming your finish. It can be used as often as you'd like since it will not compromise the protection.
Note: PPS Cleaner is not included in the 5 Star Shine Deluxe Kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cars can I protect with one 5 STAR SHINE kit?
One 5 Star Shine kit will protect one full sized car, truck or even the largest SUV. Each kit covers 250 square feet. 5 STAR SHINE is not applied in heavy coats like waxes - only a thin coating is required to protect the surface.

What's the difference between the 5 STAR SHINE Basic Kit and the 5 STAR SHINE Deluxe Kit?
The 5 Star Shine Basic Kit is ideal for newer vehicles in which the finish is in relatively good condition and has very few, if any, imperfections. It includes Steps 1 & 2 and an applicator for applying 5 Star Shine. The 5 STAR SHINE Deluxe Kit includes everything you need to prep your finish prior to applying 5 STAR SHINE as well as maintaining your finish once 5 STAR SHINE is applied. It includes our Paint Cleaner which cleans imperfections caused from bird droppings, tree sap and any other substance which has etched itself into the paint. The Deluxe Kit also includes our Neutral pH Car Wash Soap which is highly recommended for washing your vehicle once you have applied the 5 STAR SHINE System.

Will 5 STAR SHINE remove oxidation?
5 Star Shine removes minor scratches and swirls but will not remove oxidation (dull paint). It preserves paint in the condition it is currently in. If your paint is already oxidized or has some scratches, you should use our Buffing Compounds that you can find by clicking on the Exterior Category of our Catalog page.

I just had my vehicle painted. Can I use 5 STAR SHINE on it?
We recommend waiting at least 30 days for the new paint to cure on your vehicle's surface before applying 5 STAR SHINE.

Does 5 STAR SHINE work on glass, chrome, plastic, clear coat, fiberglass, gel coat, vinyl or rubber surfaces?
It is safe to use 5 STAR SHINE on all glass, chrome and painted plastic parts. 5 Star Shine protects all types of clear coats, fiberglass and gel coat surfaces as well. We DO NOT recommend you use it on rubber, vinyl, or unpainted plastic body parts or trim as it's not designed to protect these porous surfaces.

How long will 5 STAR SHINE last?
If you wash your vehicle regularly using a pH balanced car wash soap, 5 STAR SHINE will last up to 5 years on a new vehicle and up to 3 years on a used vehicle with good paint. Results will however vary based on your environmental conditions.

Do I have to remove the wax I have on my car before I apply 5 STAR SHINE?
No, our Step #1 one prepares the paint by removing any residual waxes that still exist on your paint.

How is 5 STAR SHINE different from the paint protection systems new car dealers try and sell you for $499 to as much as $1500?
At the time of closing, car dealers will try to sell you a "premium" paint sealant that makes the car look really great for about a month. But then the waxes begin to wash off and the paint starts oxidizing. Most of the dealers guarantee their sealants for 3 to 5 years but they have to be reapplied about 4 to 6 times per year or you void the warranty! The dealer knows that few people will actually do this, so they make a tremendous profit on these "premium" paint protection upsells.

How many kits will it take to do my boat?
One kit is more than enough to protect a boat under 17'. Here is a general guideline: less than 17' = 1 kit; 17-23' = 2-3 kits; 24-35' = 3-4 kits. Estimate the surface area you need to cover for a more exact estimate. Remember, each kit covers 250 square feet so you can always calculate the surface area to be covered for an exact figure.

How many kits will it take to do my aircraft?
The following shows how many kits you'll need for most common types of aircraft: Single Engine = 2 kits; Cabin Class Twin = 4 kits; King Air 90 = 5 kits; King Air 200 = 6 kits; Citation 500 = 7 kits; Lear 25 = 7 kits; Citation III = 10 kits; Gulfstream = 20 kits. Remember, each kit covers 250 square feet so you can always calculate the surface area to be covered for an exact figure.

What is the shelf life of 5 Star Shine?
The shelf life of the 5 Star Shine is one year, unopened. Once opened, it decreases to 6-9 months. Once expired, the Step 2 Polish will separate and take on a "cottage cheese" appearance.

If you have a kit that has expired, do not use it on the surface, as it will not give you desired results. There is nothing you can do to extend the life of the polish after it has expired. Store the 5 Star Shine at room temperature for best results.

I noticed a bunch of testimonials on your home page. Did you pay these customers to write them?
No. We have NEVER asked or paid a customer for a testimonial. We get testimonials because our product produces amaxing results and truly WORKS like no other.

What can 5 Star Shine Protect?

How Much Will 5 Star Shine cover?

One 5 Star Shine kit will cover 250 square feet which is enough to cover any size car, truck, or SUV easily. You'll only need one kit per vehicle. Here's how many kits it will take to do different sized boats, RV's, and aircraft.

"The 5 Star Shine product is truly amazing, I have other vehicles to protect, and now that I've found you, I'll never go back to anything else. I also love the air squeegee, works like a charm and no towel scratches."
-David Landwehr Des Moines, IA

"I had a dealer applied 5 Star Shine and just got a new vehicle. After 4 years and 133,000 miles the '04 Chrysler Pacifica still "washed itself" when it rained. I just got an 08 Buick Enclave and know this will keep it looking new for as long as I own it."
-David Shannon Altoona, PA

"You have got a customer for life !!! I could not believe the results of the three cars I treated with your products and here it is a year later and they still look beautiful, and that's even here in the hot, hot, hot Arizona desert sun."
-Richard Price Sun City, AZ

"I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with your product. I purchased the 5 star shine polish 2 years ago, applied to my 01 vette and the rest is history.

I was at a show on friday night and was asked numerous times how often I wax

the car. When I said it will be 2 years this memorial day, and it was not wax, they could not believe it.

The car is smooth like glass, washes with a hose, shines like crazy. I hope the boys from fiday pay you a visit. Thanks again for an awesome product. Best Regards,"
-Bill New Jersey

"I have to see to believe and I believe after using 5 Star Shine I have the best shine ever on my car. Thanks for a great product."
-Bob Manning Myrtle Beach, SC

"I have a 2005 Mustang. It is Black. I put 5 Star Shine on it 4 years 11 months ago. It still looks as good as the first day I put it on. So it's time for another 5 years of protection. Also put it on my wife's 08 Focus and 08 Ranger pick-up..
Have a nice day,"
-Henry Hertenstein Stockton, CA

"We have order many items. Love the 5Star Shine product. Put it on both new cars and could see and feel a difference even on brand new cars. We have been happy with everything we have ordered so far."
-Leslie Cutter Brea, CA

"The 5 Star Shine Paint Protection is awesome! I did it two weekends ago and am truly impressed, and I am one who used to spend 6 hours at a time, 4 times a year going over the car with Maguiars products, and didn't get this good of a shine."
-David Landwehr Des Moines, IA

"After more than two years my 5 Star Shine is still working on my car. I am surprised as few products that make such bold claims actually deliver. Now to see how much longer it continues to perform."
-Bryan Winn Greer, SC

"I'm in the Navy currently on the USS ROSS, one of the ships mentioned on you web site. I've used your product in the past on my radar dishes and it is absolutly amazing! I've never come across any other wax of this quality."
-Morgan Brooks Norfolk, VA

"Fantastic stuff. I hope everything is this amazing. I have people all the time ask me what I did to my car, so I tell them. Now I'm doing their cars and SUVs."
-Robert McAlister Sr Winter Park, FL

"A skeptic no more! I used your product on my then new 2006 PT Cruiser and it still has it's showroom dazzle."
-Frederick Crews Milner, GA

"This is a Great Product! As I have it on 2 cars & they both still look like showroom condition; 1 about 4 years & the other 2 years. This new purchase will be for my new motorcycle & will do the 1st car again."
-Doug Clark Ronkonkoma, NY

"I used your 5 Star Shine on my 1997 Cadillac Seville and I was amazed at what a brillient shine it has now. It looks showroom new. I've told everyone I know about it. I've used all kinds of waxes and polishes on it and none of them compare to this paint protection system. I can even read signs being reflected in my cars hood. My Uncle was interested in it for his Model A car. Could you send him an e-mail with a link to your website. I looked for one on your site to share with a friend, but I didn't see one. Thanks for such a GREAT product. I'm getting my father a kit so I can do his car too. Fantastic stuff."
-Robert McAlister Winter Park, FL

"You have got a customer for life!!! I could not believe the results of the three cars I treated with your products and here it is a year later and they still look beautiful, and thats even here in the hot, hot, hot arizona desert sun."
-Richard P Sun City, AZ

"My wife and I recently bought two new vehicles, a Ford 500 for her and a 4x4 F150 for me. I used 5 Star Shine on my truck and we had the dealer apply Show & Shine to the 500. I don't know if this was wise but I wanted to compare the two products. The results of my little test were profound...yours is the far superior product. It's beyond amazing!"
-Keith Nielsen Erie, PA

"This stuff works well. I have a new car and will use 5 Star on it. My old car was ten years old & it made it look brand new. I can't wait to see what it will do to my new car."
-Edward Vergara Milford, CT

"Thank you so much. Your product is the best on the market - I have tried all kinds of wax, but I still have to wax my car once every three months. But with your 5starshine, you make it so easy to keep my car clean and shiny. All I do is run water on it and dry it and it looks like I spent 3 hours detailing it. Once again, thank you for making my job a lot easier!"
-Nathaniel Harris Signal Hill, CA

"I have used the 5 STAR SHINE on my Harley and it now looks like I had a new clear coat applied to. I am very happy with your product. My husband is trying to get me to put it on his but I don't know yet if I will. He will have to be envious of mine for awhile. Thanks for a great product."
-Carole Searle NB, Canada

"I used the paint sealer and it's the best think I have ever used. I could not believe how easy it was to work with. Great Product."
-William Halls Ellenton, FL

"This product is phenomenal. My show car has never met my expectation until using 5 Star."
-Dean L. Gordon New Hartford, NY

"The glistening shine of my car has lasted way longer than the shine of hand waxing and the paint protection of the PTFE base is a life saver. I have not cleaned my car for 2 weeks and it still looks great!"
-Jesse Magahiz San Jose, CA

"I followed the instructions to the letter, and the results are phenomenal! I only wish I had discovered your product when my truck was new. Application and removal of the products couldn't be easier, and they didn't leave any haze or swirl marks behind like everything else I have used has. FINALLY, regular waxing is a thing of the past!"
-Robert McAlarney Weymouth, MA

"I am amazed by this product. I have never seen a car shine like this before! Also when I washed my car I noticed that the water just dribbled off of the car. I plan on telling other's of this amazing product! Thank You!"
-Jeremy Belcastro Bridgeveille, PA

"5 Star Shine is definitely superior to any Carnuba wax. With 5 Star, I do not get the nasty build up I did with Carnuba wax. 5 Star Shine is the first and only paint protection product I will ever use on all my cars!"
-Cookie New York, NY

"I have tried the 5 star shine on my 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport and it works great! (I love It!) Me and my buddy went down this 5 mile dirt logging road to go 4 wheeling with our ATV's. After we got back on the pavement you could not see if my truck was even dirty (except for my tire and rims). I was impressed! Nothing could stick!"
-Chad Martin Bend Oregon

"I just used your product on my new black Corvette.....amazing!! Even after a 200 mile drive it wasn't even dusty. I hosed it off, the water just rolled off, chamoised it and it looks like new.....I did the Vet twice with the polish and have enough left for 2 more coats if I feel like it....Great stuff!!"
-Bob Ruggeri - Reno, NV

"Thanks to 5 Star Shine, I am able to give pilots the option of long lasting protection and ease of maintaining the exterior of their aircraft!"
-Jeremy Anderson Boundary Waters Aircraft Cambridge MN

"Ordering this for a new Ford Truck F250 Crew Cab. We put it on my son's new truck (same size) and one kit was plenty! Now I'll do my new truck, the wife's car and a kit for a Christmas gift. WOW what a shine!"
-Marc Philemon Charlotte NC

"I tried out 5 Star Shine with a bit of skepticism on my new 2002 Toyota Camry. I have tried every wax product under the sun over the last 25 years and I have to admit the 5 Star out shines them all! I get my teenagers to wash the car to earn money and they came back in 5 minutes and said they were done. I went out and looked and to my amazement it was sparkling. I ask them how they did it? They replied that they just rinsed it with water and dried it off with a towel. Where's my $20.00 bucks Dad? I heard them laughing later about the easy money because nothing sticks to the car!"
-Gene Schallert Santa Rosa, CA

"I sent an email just after I put my 5 start shine one my new Toyota P/U. I was raving about how good it was. Now I want to tell you how really good it is! I washed it for the first time as you instructed, without soap; just water. The dirt and bugs just fell off! They were washed away. The easiest wash job I ever gave. Thanks again for such a super product! And believe me, I have used them all!"
-Dr. Michael Cole Hartville, SC

" Even though I was a bit skeptical at first, by the time I finished applying 5 Star Shine to my Cadillac, I knew that the deep gloss and slick surface was superior to any other 'miracle' was I had ever applied to any of my vehicles. The shine lasts even when the vehicles get dirty - and the dirt finds a much tougher time adhering to the painted surfaces now. As for bad things about 5 Star Shine.

The only thing I have found is that you cannot sit anything on top of my VW and expect it to stay there. Usually I set my coffee and my lunch on the roof of the VW in the morning when I get to work while I lock my car. I found out the very first day after applying 5 Star Shine that NOTHING sticks to the finish now - and that includes my lunch and coffee cup!"
-Ron Eschinger Locust Grove, VA

"I have used this product on both my cars and can tell you it is the best wax/polish I have ever used! I have used a ton of products in the years. I have driven and showed cars. This is hands down the toughest wax I have used. I recently put the five car shine on my award winning Roadrunner and nothing compares to this wax. It shines and wins trophies consistently and friends of mine that know the car swears it is shinier then ever before!

I have used water only so far on the finish and people I have talked to don't believe me. I always tell them I will demonstrate it and it only takes about 15 minutes to detail the car and it looks like its been waxed and polished. The product has been on my Toyota Tacoma for a month and a half and nothing I have ever used on the finish has been this durable.

The true test is going to be when the winters come and the city sprays magnesium chloride down on the ground to help melt the ice. Even if the wax lasts a year after that I would be happy."
-Graham White Aurora, CO

"Earlier this year I bought a not-quite-1-year-old black Acura Integra. I remembered seeing on your website that a car treated with 5 Star Shine in the first year had a great chance of keeping the original paint in great condition. So far, I'm very impressed. The glistening shine my car sports has lasted way longer than the shine of hand waxing and the paint protection of the PTFE base is a lifesaver here in Florida. I'll keep buying!"
-Kevin Kennedy Tampa, FL

"I had a bodykit fitted a couple of months ago, and it has proved to be such a dirt and grit magnet. The rear diffuser (which is really just a 9 inch wide shelf suspended under my exhaust) is the worst culprit, with small stones, grit and all manner of rubbish collecting. After only a day or two after washing my car, it looked as if it hadn't seen car shampoo for months!

My car is black, so I have always tried to keep it looking good - but it's always been such hard work. I finally got a dry weekend a couple of weeks back, so I successfully applied your product after making sure I had thoroughly prepared the paintwork. I just couldn't believe how fantastic your product really is!! The grit really does literally just slide off the rear diffuser, and the side skirts remain immaculate too!

I have had loads of compliments from my colleagues at work - remarking just how shiny my car is! Just to think I used to spend hours and hours polishing my car every weekend, and it only occasionally got noticed. All I have to do now is give my car a quick wash at the weekend, and that's it!

Thank you for such an absolutely brilliant product and one that most definitely does what it says it's going to do!! Many, many thanks and kindest regards!"

"Thank you! The 5 star shine product arrived about 2 or 3 days later. I applied the product on my new Hummer H2 as suggested and overwhelmed is an understatement. I threw my towel on the hood and was so amazed when it slid all the way across the wide hood and onto the ground. (several times as I had to show others)When I went to do the top I needed a 6 foot ladder (the Hummer is very tall).

I had climbed the ladder, placed my body against the side of the Hummer to support myself and started sliding sideways. I grabbed a rail quickly to keep from hitting the ground. Now that is a slick surface! Anyhow I wanted to let you know my experience with 5 star shine and have attached a photo in case other Hummer customers have any concerns. Thanks"
-Michael Rexroad Charleston, WV

"I have my own Mobile Detail service and have it on my truck it the best stuff in the world. I haven't found anything that sticks to the car that doesn't wash off. I have it on my boat, truck, suv and my mom's car. It's number 1 in my book. Out of 10 I give it a 10."
-Marietta Filingeri Dunedin, FL

"This product keeps surpassing my expectations. The past 2 weekends someone has decided to make my Scion Xb target practice. Last week was silly string, this week eggs! Knowing what these 2 things can do to any painted surface I quickly washed it off. Thank God I bought the 5-star! Each time everything came right off literally with water pressure and a quick wipe. This product is fantastic!"
-Joseph Tosto Coral Springs, FL

" I finally got a chance to use your wax. I am Impressed! everything went well and so far I am very Satisfied. now we will see how it holds up! 5 Star also took the small rub marks from an old car cover around the fender wells off and a little bit of scratches off the nose of my car. The car is deep black and looks beautiful. We'll see how long it lasts! I do keep it covered when not in use, with a flannel car cover. The cougar looked Great at the car show I went to this weekend, and did not seem to collect as much dust. Thank you, I will let you know more later."
-Marlene Graves Bishop, CA

"I used the 5 star polish kit and I am very pleasantly surprised and very, very satisfied! The day after I used the system we had a large tropical disturbance that dropped rain all day. After the rain passed, my car was still clean and shiny! I already have some of my co-workers asking me what I'm using on my car and I tell them. I am highly recommending your product!"
-Arthur Takamiya Kapolei, HI

"My wife and I recently bought two new vehicles, a Ford 500 for her and a 4x4 F150 for me. I used 5 Star Shine on my truck and we had the dealer apply Show & Shine to the 500. I don't know if this was wise but I wanted to compare the two products. The results of my little test were profound...yours is the far superior product. It's beyond amazing!"
-Keith Nielsen Erie, Pennsylvania

"This product is phenomenal. My show car has never met my expectation until using 5 Star Shine"
-Dean Gordon New Hartford, NY

"I just tried the 5 star shine on my new black acura mdx. This stuff is great! At first i was having trouble getting it to come off without leaving shadowy traces. I was trying to apply it like a conventional car wax; too thick a coat, left on too long. once I figured out the proper application technique, I got better than expected results. I work at a car dealership and they have been trying to push their so called paint sealant. I'm so glad i did not fall for it! Thanks for a great product."
-Jeffery Young Prairieville, Louisiana

"I just wanted to let you know, this is an excellent product. I bought a new vehicle recently and treated the wife's burb with 5 Star. A few days later we noticed some bird deposits and when we went to wipe it off with water, we touched it and the deposits fell off in one piece. Outstanding product!"
-Lonnie Adams Broken Arrow, OK

"I purchased a 2006 "Vivid Black" Harley-Davidson Road Glide, and applied your Five Star Shine product the first weekend it spent in my trailer. The results were absolutely unbelievable!! Even the selling dealership commented about the "SHINE" after seeing the bike a few weeks later."
-Thomas Yingling Ladson, SC

" Your 5 Star Shine has kept my car looking great for 3 years now. It is time to reapply for a superior shine. I have never seen a product as good as yours."
-J. Lipscomb Baton Rouge, LA

"Keep up the good work---still can't figure how this stuff works but who cares- It Does!!!"
-George R. West Palm Beach, FL

"I had a dealer apply 5 Star Shine to my car. After 4 years and 133,000 miles, the '04 Chrysler Pacifica still "washed itself" when it rained. I just got an 08 Buick Enclave and know this will keep it looking new for as long as I own it."
-D. Shannon Altoona, PA

"I have completed my son's Fiance's new Honda and it's so easy to clean, I just finished my Dad's new Buick...and it is so shiny and clean...And I am ready to get this new order for my sister's new Lexus....Then when I buy my new car....I will get the next order placed!"
-A. Adams Walla Walla, WA

"Hi Guys, yes I finally purchased 5 Star Shine. I thought lets see if all this hype is for real! Well let me tell you it is the BEST product that I have ever come across in a lonnnnggg time. One month after applying 5 Star Shine to my new Hyundai Sonata, I was impressed well, very impressed.

The weather had been pretty bad, but my treated car looked ..good. I decided to wash it NO SOAP just water, it looks absolutley fantastic. I still can't belive it, it still beads when it rains and water just rolls off. No soap just water AND WHAT A SHINE this product is Faaaantaaasssticc. Thanks guys for such a wonderful product that actually DOES WHAT YOU SAY IT WILL DO.."
-D. Dawson Bateman, Western Australia

"Just 5starshined my new black Toyota's gorgeous!!! Your product really works. Thanks"
-A. MacDonald San Diego, CA

" Your product works just as advertised. I'm lazy. I would rather apply your product once than repeatedly wax my car. The car looks great and washing it is so easy."
-David Lippert Federal Way, WA

" You have an excellent product that I trust to protect my 2005 Mustang. I used 5 star shine on this car when I first got the car and it has held up extremely well. I would go so far to say that the protective coating of 5 star shine has even prevented rock chips and minor scratches on parts of the car that would normally have such damage after 20,000 miles!!! Thanks for making such a great product!!!"
-J. Fries Media, PA

"Have used 5 star shine on 4 vehicles all have remained looking brand new! Have ordered this product for 2 other vehicles and as gifts to friends. Excellent Product!!"
-C. Kline Graytown, OH

"We purchased your 5 Star Shine Basic Kit last summer for our new FJ Cruiser. It is awesome! We live on a gravel road and this winter it has been very sloppy. The dirt just rinses off with no effort. It's great! Today we are picking up a new Toyota Corolla. We definitely want to use the 5 Star Shine on it also. Thanks for a great product."
-Betty Hampton Rocheport, MO

"Used your product on my 2005 Buick Terraza when it was one year old. The finish still looks like new. Recently purchased a 2005 Ford Taurus and plan to use your products on it. A completely satisfied customer."
-Ron Roop Richmond, VA

"I am amazed at the mirror-like finish this product leaves on my auto. I constantly recommend this to all my friends and relatives as the best product on the market for their automobiles. I am glad I was introduced to Star Shine - I wouldn't use anything else."
-Richard Renner Parrish, FL

"Have used the exterior car treatment twice now and am extremely pleased with it. Want to use it on a 3 yr old car now. It is outside most of the year and needs some paint protection. Dealer costs for this type treatment is over $600. WOW what a savings."
-Garfield Heckler N. Huntingdon, PA

"Hello I own now for 3 weeks a brand new 2012 Grand Cherokee SRT8. I live in Canada Fort St John B.C. here is so much dust and dirt, you can not keep your car clean. You clean or polish your car and a 10 min drive and it is dirty or completely dusty and black is the worst colour you can have here. My car is black and I took my time to apply 5 star shine and for two weeks, my car stands now clean and shiny. Thanks very much."
-Rainer Grimm BC Canada

"I love your products. With 5 cars in the family, they have been treated with your 5 Star Shine Kit and under the harsh Q/land sun (40celsius plus in summer) and still just need to hose down and brand new again. Many Thanks"
-Peter Franklin Queensland Australia

"Love the 5 Star Shine. Did a great job on my Volvo C70."
-Donald E Prem Jr Turnersville, NJ

"Your 5 Star Shine Polishing Kit really works great out here in the New Mexico climate."
-Ronald L. Schankin Rio Rancho, NM

"I bought this for a boat in 2000 when you was just starting out ..Thought it was expensive but I used it and never waxed or reapplied in 11 years i owned the boat only washing a couple times a yr ..Still had a nice shine on it 11yrs later when i sold it.. Forget 5yr its 10 yr as far as im concern. Amazing to use a product once and have it last for as long as you own it..Awesome product..Thanks Bill "
-William Faust Mckeesport, PA

"I still can't believe your product lasted this long on my truck, just had someone yesterday walk up to me and say they can't believe my truck is a 2008 it still looks new. I just smiled... lol"
-Michael Cox Millville, NJ

"Just wanted to say that I really like the 5 Star Shine Paint Protection System. The new tube of paint sealer is definitely better than having it in the bottle. With the tube, I get more out of it, I can actually do a couple of cars with one kit. Thanks for an awesome product."
-Carlos Gomez San Diego, CA

"I think this is a great product. My 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 looks better then new so I am ordering it again to use on my 1966 Ford Galaxie 500."
-John Blizzard Alexandria, VA

"This is the 3rd vehicle that I will be applying 5 Star Shine Paint Protectant and as long it is available, I will be using it. I just traded my 2000 GMC Denali and it was due for a 3 year re-application of 5 Star Shine. It really didn't look as though it was needed and I can't remember the last time I washed it with any soap. Still had the same shine as it did in August of 2009!"
-John Palagino Clarksburg, WV

"Although I don't have a photo of my 04 Mazda 6 to back up my rave, trust me, this stuff really works! Midwest winters with slush, salt and snow are no match for 5 Star Shine. Recently, a friend commented on my "new" car when I drove up to his house, and was flabbergasted when I told him it's nearly 9 years old. Buy this product - it does what they say!"
-John Adelmann Peosta, IA

"Great product. Just got a new Audi RS5. Worked great with the 2009 Audi S5."
-Frank Fiaschetti Ketchum, ID

"I have a 1969 gto goat,It was wax 3 years ago with your product and stll looks like it came off the show room floor.I am being ask all the time, how did you get that shine. This order now is for my 2013 dodge charger.I cant wait to see the shine,I will never use a car war if its not 5 star. thank you for this product."
-John M Gulics Jr. Woodbridge, NJ

My friend ordered this for himself and then ordered it for is one of the BEST gifts I have ever received and works like nothing I have ever tried before. I am now ordering it for my Mom..........she is going to love it too. It makes taking care of your car a breeze.....what a wonderful difference. Many thanks.

S. Pollock

Your product is the best, I applied one on my ex 2003 BMW 330i, it looks wet and brilliant. Everytime I come to the dealership for service, people ask me how come my new car doesn't shine like yours? I told them, go to! There you go.

Jeffry Hidayatf

I am stunned at the appearance now, of my 1994 Seville. This morning, I finally got to use your polish on my car, after purchasing it earlier this year. It looks absolutely magnificent!! I keep going outside to admire it in the driveway. You people found the secret of true reflection!

C. Lynn

I purchased a 2006 "Vivid Black" Harley-Davidson Road Glide, and applied your Five Star Shine product the first weekend it spent in my trailer. The results were absolutely unbelieveable!! Even the selling dealership commented about the "SHINE" after seeing the bike a few weeks later.

Thomas Yingling

5 STAR SHINE Paint Protection Kit $59.95
The Ultimate 5 Year Paint Protection System for your vehicle. Includes Foam Applicator Pad and complete instructions. Money Back Guarantee, if not totally satisfied.

5 STAR SHINE Deluxe Paint Protection Kit $89.95
This is our Best Selling kit and is ideal for paint which is one year old or older. Includes everything you need to prepare, treat and maintain your vehicle's finish. Included is our Paint Cleaning Kit, which is perfect for removing tar, sap or bug residue from your vehicle's finish prior to applying 5 STAR SHINE! Includes complete instructions. Money Back Guarantee if not totally satisfied.

Deluxe Kit includes:

  • 5 STAR SHINE Paint Protection Kit
  • Deluxe Paint Cleaning Kit
  • Neutral pH Car Wash (16 oz)
  • Terry Cloth Towel
  • Foam Applicator Pad
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